‘Horatama’ Turns Tamagotchis into Handheld Horrors

Horatama has you taking care of some strange digital pets. Better do a good job of it, as they don’t take it well when they’re treated poorly.

I was never very good at taking care of my virtual pets years ago. I guess there was only so much fun that you could have with your pixelated pups in my mind. So, I have a feeling that things are going to go real bad for me when I play this game. In it, you’re given an array of digital creatures, each with their own needs. If you can keep up with what these critters like, then you can enjoy their friendship for ages. Trouble is, they’re a bit demanding. Almost like they want you to mess up on purpose.


Should you sufficiently anger them, they’ll escape their plastic egg confines to wreck havoc on reality. When this happens, you’ll need to work your way through some minigames, dodging dangers, drawing pictures, or clicking on sinister eyes. If you can keep up with THESE demands, then you’ll live through the night. You can guess what happens if you don’t. Also, as the nights pass, you get more than one of these creatures to babysit, adding more things to do and more ways you can mess up. How good of a multitasker are you when your life is on the line?

Horatama is a playful, but tense bit of digital dogsitting that might come to a lethal end. Which I imagine is what my poor digital dog would have done to me if he’d had the chance. I’M SORRY BUDDY!


Horatama is available now on Steam.

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