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Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. The small device keeps us connected anywhere and anytime. Our important data ranging from documents to passwords are stored inside the smartphone itself. Overall, it is a useful device that has become an important utility. In order to make the device more productive and stylish a lot of accessories are available in the market. It is quite difficult for everyone to look at what’s best for their phone.

So, we are here with a list of 15 cool accessories that will boost your smartphone’s productivity.

cool smartphone accessories gadgets

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There is a variety of accessories for smartphones ranging from case covers, holders, pouches to charging adapters, and power banks. Moreover, the headphones, gaming pads, camera lenses, docks are also available to make the most out of the device. Some utilities like USB OTG adapters, selfie sticks, car mounts, and portable chargers are also helpful.

Adjustable Stylus Pen

flexible touch control

Are you a designer or someone who likes to scribble and note down on your smartphone with a stylus? Then, you should look out for this Universal Stylus Pen which can be used on any smartphone and tablet surface. It is available in different colours for the price of just $2.00.

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iPhone Audio-Adapter Splitter

If you have an iPhone, this one is quite a useful accessory that lets your iPhone split the lightning port to 3.5 audio and USB charging port. The splitter can be quite useful in saving time while enjoying music on your wired earphones. It is available at a basic cost of $1.36. You can ship it across the globe with a small shipping cost. You can grab it from the link below.

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Smartphone Microscope Magnifier

Does your smartphone feature a macro lens? If not, this Microscope Magnifier can help you get Optical Zoom. You can clip the magnifier on the primary lens of your smartphone camera before capturing the photo. It can provide you with upto 60X magnification without any software tweak. It is built using ABS Shell + acrylic lenses and measures 110 x 62 x 22mm in size. You can buy the Microscope Magnifier for just $2.27.

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Bluetooth Gaming Pad for smartphone

Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Gaming on a smartphone has finally overshadowed PC and Console gaming. To improve your gaming experience, this Gamepad Joystick can be your favourite gadget. T3 Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Gamepad is designed for cross-platform use. It features a compact and lightweight design. It houses a 500 mAh battery. You can grab it for $7.90.

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Type-C to Universal USB Adapter Connectors

These small yet useful adapters can save a lot of time and effort. These small OTG connectors can be used to transfer data at high speed. The plug-and-play adapter can be used with a card reader, USB flash drive, keyboard, mouse, and another USB device. It is an ideal connector for Android smartphones and tablets. A pair of Universal USB Adapters Connectors costs you just $0.53.

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Webcam Cover

Privacy is a major concern for smartphone users. Smartphones have become hotspots for major data thefts across the globe. Even the unauthenticated use of smartphone cameras via malware is on the rise. To eliminate such a risk, this small webcam cover can be quite useful. This small device blocks the front camera of smartphones and even laptops. It is available for a price of $0.67. You can grab in bulk for an even lower price.

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Riding Bag Clip Holder

backpack bag

If you’re fond of shooting videos while traveling on your bike, then the Riding Bag clip holder accessory is worth considering. The user can attach a smartphone or a camera like GoPro easily using the Clip Holder. It can be affixed on the bag arm. Such a useful product is available for the price of just $8.72.

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Mini IR Remote Controller Adapter

It is quite a productive accessory for your smartphones. The user can easily control other electronic devices like TVs, Amplifiers, SoundBards, ACs, etc with the IR Remote Controller Adapter. It can be used with iPhone or any Android device. It features an intelligent Infrared sensor having a 10m range and it can be used via the dedicated app. You can easily plug in the device and open the app to control your nearby electrical appliances. It is retailing for $7.87.

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15W Qi Car Phone Holder Wireless Charger Car Mount

joyroom super fast charger

A multipurpose Car Phone holder comes with Wireless Charger too. It is quite a useful accessory for frequent travellers who often drive a car. It can hold differently sized smartphones. The presence of a smart dual-chip and pure copper coil make the phone holder safer and offer 70% faster charging. It can provide a charging output of up to 15W. It is available for the price of $23.64.

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Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote

It is quite difficult to capture a group photo without a proper tripod as someone always misses the right frame. We have got a solution to overcome this situation with the use of a Bluetooth Shutter remote. It is a nifty device that wirelessly controls your smartphone camera. It is compatible with any smart device having Bluetooth. You can grab this gadget for just $1.12.

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6-in-1 Charging Station

You own plenty of digital devices and want to charge them without connecting to connectors via different wires and adapters? Try 10W Qi Wireless CHrge 6-in-1 station. It is suitable for Apple as well as Android smartphones and smartwatches. The user just needs to plugin to the appropriate port such as Lightning, Type-C, or Micro USB interface. It even supports wireless charging. It features intelligent temperature control and supports 10W rapid charging. You can grab it for the price of $18.49.

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3-in-1 Charging Station

3-in1 wireless charger

In case, you need a more modular design and have a requirement of only three ports, then the 3-in-1 charging stand can be your favorite pick. It provides Qi 15W fast wireless charging stand for iPhone 12/11/8 Pro Max, AirPods, and other Android-based smartphones. It follows Quick Charge 3.0 protocol. This 3-in-1 charging stand saves your desk space and carries protection from over-temperature, over-voltage, and over current protection. You can grab it for the price of $23.42.

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Sports Smartphone ArmBand


Carrying a smartphone in the pocket while running or jogging is really a problem. To overcome such a situation, you can use a Sports Arm Smartphone case which can comfortably hold smartphones, AirPods, or other essential stuff while doing outdoor physical activity. It is specially crafted for activities like running and jogging.

It has double velcro for better grip around the arm. It is crafted with Nylon Lycra material and weighs 53 grams. It is available for just $3.37.

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Bluetooth Folding Keyboard

The keyboard is quite a necessity for writers, coders, and every user who relies heavily on writing content in the digital space. No matter what device you’re using, sometimes a physical keyboard is necessary. It is more useful with a tablet rather than a smartphone. But still, there are many users who often type a lot even on their smartphones. They can find this foldable wireless keyboard for use with any smartphone or tablet for around $24.

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Phone Holder Stand

Most of the time, it becomes quite difficult to hold a smartphone in your hand. Especially, when we are watching something or doing some work in the same position. A phone holder is a must for such situations. The Olaf Phone Holder comes with features such as Adjustable angle, Anti-skid silicone pad design, durable and long lifespan. It is portable and comfortable to use and is built using ABS Material. You can grab it for just $2.98.

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These were some cool smartphone accessories that can boost the overall productivity or can at least facilitate your work. Each gadget or accessory in the list is extremely affordable and offers value-for-money.

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