Valve makes further improvements to Steam Link and Remote Play Together

Along with finally releasing the Linux client of the Steam Link app, Valve has also been making steady improvements to Steam Link and Remote Play Together.

For some quick reminders:

  • Remote Play Together allows you to host a game for others to join, they don’t need to own it. Good for turning local multiplayer titles into an online game with friends.
  • Steam Link is the application that lets you stream games from one PC to another device, and now with Invite Anyone people without a Steam account can join you in Remote Play Together.

Do note, you’re going to want to be in the Steam Client Beta to get the most up to date features.

For Invite Anyone, you need to send a link from your friends list in the Steam Overlay to others which they use to join through the Steam Link app. Valve has already done a quick improvement on that to allow you to make as many invites as you want, providing the game supports multiple players and your network bandwidth can handle it.

Valve also mentioned in an email that the Steam Link app itself has also recently been upgraded, to allow streaming at 90FPS and 120FPS across all platforms. You can find the setting in the advanced menu.

Nice to see such gradual and continuos improvements to some of the most interesting features of the Steam universe.

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