‘Final Winter’ Calls Upon an Entire Village to Save the Day

Final Winter isn’t filled with heroes out to break a killer curse. It’s just the inhabitants of a village, each called upon to be courageous before a very quick doom.

The curse kills within ten minutes. That’s not a whole lot of time to save the day even if you’re used to that kind of thing. With the hero dead, the townsfolk will have to pull together to try to save themselves. This means rushing to the source of the curse, dealing with dangers and finding handy equipment along the way. In ten minutes. Seeing as these are just people who happen to live in the town, you’ll get varying skill levels and combat capabilities, adding a lot of chaos to every attempt. Someone has to do it, though.

Final Winter

The town has a finite amount of people living in it, unfortunately. I mean, there’s about thirty people who can undertake the charge, but each person you send who doesn’t come back makes the town smaller and smaller. You may also start to wonder whether it’s even worth stopping the curse if you kill ninety percent of the people who live in it. Even so, there seems to be the tiniest nugget of heroism in each and every person there, so you owe it to help them do their best. At least you’ll learn a bit about the dungeon on each attempt.

Final Winter will likely pile up many dead villagers before you’re done with it. This will be quite sad, but there’s something heartening about everyone being willing to chip in. At the very least, it will encourage some neat speedruns of the game.

Final Winter is available now on Steam.

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