‘Our Life: Beginnings & Always’ – An Experience in Growing Up Together

Our Life: Beginnings & Always follows a single love story that grows however you want it to as you share in your life moments, big and small, together.

You’ll experience childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood with a lonely boy next door in this game. During these times, you find yourself making a ton of choices. As your character, you’ll pick your look, personality, and pronouns. This isn’t a static choice, as you can choose to change these things over the course of the game, reflecting how you feel. Over the course of the game, the decisions you make will also shape who your character is, evolving feelings and preferences.

Our Life Beginnings & Always

The in-depth character creation and decision-making is nice, but what’s even more impressive is seeing these choices coming back as they’re remembered by friends and loved ones. Not only this, but your decisions and behaviors will also shape your relationship with your neighbor as he recalls and is affected by what you do and say together. This can also have an effect on your affection for one another, shifting from an instant connection to something that only becomes revealed as your time together is about to end. You’re also free to just be friends if that’s what’s in your heart. The game takes all of your decisions into account to guide how the relationship comes together.

Our Life: Beginnings & Always is a lovely look at how our actions are a reflection of who we are, and how the things we say and do have an effect on those we care about.

Our Life: Beginnings & Always is available now on itch.io and Steam.

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