The upcoming modular Framework Laptop sounds super exciting

Will there finally be an easily repairable and upgradable laptop? The Framework Laptop sounds like it might fit and it has me stupidly excited to see what happens.

The upcoming hardware is a thin, lightweight, high-performance 13.5″ notebook that can be upgraded, customized, and repaired “in ways that no other notebook can”. Not only is it modular it’s also coming with good hardware too like a 3:2 screen with 2256×1504 resolution, a 1080p webcam, hardware privacy switches and a reasonable 55Wh battery.

It’s not an ARM laptop either, it’s a traditional Intel unit with 11th Gen Intel Core Processors configurable with Wi-Fi 6E, up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, and 4TB or more of Gen4 NVMe storage – meaning you’ll be able to run most things with it including a fair amount of games.

  • Our Expansion Card system makes adapters a thing of the past, letting you choose exactly the ports you want and which side of the notebook you want them on. With four bays, you can select from USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, DisplayPort, MicroSD, ultra fast storage, a high-end headphone amp, and more.
  • Along with socketed storage, WiFi, and two slots of memory, the entire mainboard can be swapped to boost performance as we launch updated versions with new CPU generations.
  • High-use parts like the battery, screen, keyboard, and color-customizable magnetic-attach bezel are easy to replace. QR codes on each item take you directly to guides and the listing in our web store.
  • In addition to releasing new upgrades regularly, we’re opening up the ecosystem to enable a community of partners to build and sell compatible modules through the Framework Marketplace.

Framework say they’re trying to reduce waste with it too like using at least “50% post consumer recycled (PCR) aluminum and an average of 30% PCR plastic” and their packaging is going to be “fully recyclable with no single-use plastics”. So they’re coming at it from all angles.

Annoyingly it will come with Windows 10 as standard. However, they’re also doing a Framework Laptop DIY Edition where you get to build it yourself from a kit of modules and they directly mentioned Linux for this part too. There’s a joke to be made here about Linux and making it all yourself but in this case – it’s actually seriously cool!

The Framework Laptop is available in a range of pre-configured models running Windows 10 Home or Pro. For those of you who love to tinker, we’ve also created the Framework Laptop DIY Edition, the only high-end notebook available as a kit of modules that you can customize and assemble yourself, with the ability to choose Windows or install your preferred Linux distribution. Regardless of the path you take, we include a screwdriver in the box so you can upgrade over time.

Hopefully though, with enough interest, they will also supply one pre-configured with Linux. Do let them know if you want to see that.

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