Samsung offering 100-day returns for Galaxy Z foldables in the US

This offer currently remains a US-exclusive, where the Z Flip 5G typically costs $1299.99 and the Z Fold 2 5G costs $1999.99 (before any reductions). The 100-day offer also only applies to purchases of these devices made direct via Samsung’s online store, where it’s standard returns policy is usually just 15 days. As it stands, the offer runs until 1 April.

GSMArena reached out to Samsung Support to confirm some of the finer points of the returns policy and learnt that, as the trade-in discount is applied at the point of purchase, those that choose to return their device within the 100-day window should receive a full refund for the undiscounted price of the device (rather than expecting their original trade-in device to be returned to them and a refund at the discounted purchase value).

As for the $200 worth of accessories credit, it is either revoked or, if already spent, the accessories that were bought using the credit have to be returned to Samsung. Failing that, Samsung will charge the full $200 value for the credit to the customer.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Z Fold 2 are some of the company’s most advanced and adventurous smartphones to date, primarily thanks to their foldable form factors. While Samsung hasn’t released sales figures for these devices specifically, this latest offer might come as a result of hesitant customers unsure of the durability of folding smartphones as a fledgeling class of device. Equally, their high asking price might simply put too many consumers off for Samsung to simply sell them without some sort of discount or offer.

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