Motorola Moto G30 review

If all this talk of high refresh rate screens and huge pixel count cameras had you thinking the Moto G30 was the bargain of the century, its underlying hardware should set things straight.

You get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 CPU, paired with 4GB of RAM. It’s an eight core chip, but one that’s slower than Snapdragon 665-powered mid-rangers like the Nokia 5.3, and left in the dust by Snapdragon 732G phones, especially on the gaming front.

‘PUBG Mobile’ defaults to its lowest settings, and even then the level of texture pop-in is dramatic. Frame rates are decent enough, but you’ll struggle to take advantage of the 90Hz display refresh rate.

Motorola likes to leave Google’s vision for Android practically untouched, so the Moto G30 gets a stock interface, familiar icons and easy to navigate settings screen.

Google Assistant is also just a swipe away, and gesture navigation is on by default. The minimal approach was definitely called for, as there’s not a lot of extra CPU grunt to spare on flashy launcher effects and the like.

Homescreen animations can sometimes stutter and swapping between apps takes a little longer than you’d hope. It takes over a second to switch between lenses in the camera app, and media-heavy web pages judder under your thumb as pictures load in. Even the onscreen keyboard takes just a little bit longer to appear than it would on a mid-range handset.

Given the price point, this kind of performance isn’t a huge surprise, and it doesn’t exactly ruin social media apps, web browsing or YouTube playback, but means the smoothness of the high refresh rate screen often goes to waste.

As a largely stock handset, all of Google’s usual suspects come preinstalled, along with a couple of Moto exclusive apps that let you customise shortcuts, gesture controls and the UI colour scheme. About 20GB of storage is accounted for out of the box, leaving at least 100GB for you to fill with apps, games and media. Get through all that and there’s a microSD card slot for adding more capacity later.

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