GameMaker to add next-gen support

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S support is currently in closed beta, with a full launch due in March

YoYo Games announced the addition of next-gen support to its GameMaker engine, so users can create projects for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Next-gen support is currently in closed beta, with a full commercial launch due in March 2021.

Studios wanting to make use of next-gen support will need to purchase the corresponding license, namely the PlayStation or Xbox license, or the Ultimate license, which gives access to all the platforms supported by the engine.

To learn more about the different licenses and whether GameMaker is the right engine for your project, you can read our Academy guide on the topic.

YoYo Games general manager Stuart Poole said he was “extremely pleased” for GameMaker to offer next-gen support. He added: “As a result, our growing indie development community will soon be able to develop and launch their games straight onto these next-generation console platforms, with all the ease and simplicity they’ve come to expect from GameMaker.”

YoYo Games was recently acquired by Opera to form the basis of its new gaming division. It bought the engine maker from Playtech for $10 million.

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