‘Boodunnit’ Follows a Ghost Solving Her Own Death

In Boodunnit, you’ll help a detective figure out the mysterious circumstances behind her own death, using ghostly abilities to help with your investigation.

Julia was a florist when she met a strange end, but she used to be a detective. That’s going to be handy as she tries to figure out what happened to herself, seeing as she can’t move on until she figures that out. Being a ghost, though, has given her some helpful new powers she can use to make it easier to crack the case. She can now levitate objects around her, possess the living to control their movements and speech, or dash through thin fences. Handy stuff when you’re solving cases, although I’m sure she’d still prefer to be alive.


Interrogating the right people and investigating the town might give her most of the answers, but there’s still some things Julia just won’t be able to do. Luckily, she has a helpful living sister, Emmie, who can take care of that side of things. However, this leads to a bit of a problem for them. When you know your dead sister will finally be gone for good when you figure out why she died, do you really want to solve the mystery? When finding the answer means forever losing someone you love, do you really want to know?

Boodunnit is charming and playful, yet is a heart-wrenching exploration of what it feels like to let go of someone truly close to you.

Boodunnit is available now on itch.io, GameJolt, and Steam.

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