Relive the good times with these classic Atari games on Plex Arcade

Plex is one of the more interesting digital content providers in that it allows users to store media in a server and stream it from nearly anywhere. Sure, some streaming services like Netflix lets you “download” content, but when it’s no longer available on the service, it’s gone. With Plex, users can host their own server of content, and thanks to the latest partnership with Atari and Parsec, Plex subscribers can now add retro video games to their catalog!

Plex Labs announced that it’s testing out a new game streaming service called Plex Arcade. Unlike some of the best game streaming apps like Stadia or Xbox Game Pass, Plex Arcade focuses on retro video games like Centipede, Lunar Landar, and Motor Psycho thanks to its partnership with Atari. And to ensure a seamless gaming experience, Plex partnered with another popular game streaming app, Parsec, to offer low-latency streaming.

We’ve actually kicked the idea around for years, and given that over the last year we’ve been looking for new ways to entertain and distract ourselves, we decided to finally make it happen. And we gotta say, the results are super cool!

Plex Arcade is described as an “internal Kickstarter-type project” and very much a work-in-progress. Depending on how well it’s received, the company could continue to expand on the project, otherwise, it could just be phased out. The company notes that due to some limitations, the servers for Plex Arcade will only be compatible with Windows and macOS, while gameplay is restricted to Android TV and smartphones, iOS and tvOS, and Chrome web browser. And since it’s cloud gaming, even the best cheap Android phones can get in on the fun.

For those interested in trying Plex Arcade out, there’s a free 7-day trial, after which you can pay $5 per month or just $3 for Plex Pass subscribers.

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