Intel hits a new milestone with the Iris Xe “DG1” desktop graphics

The day has finally come for Intel, as they’ve now formally announced the first dedicated Xe GPU with the Intel Iris Xe “DG1”. It’s a huge thing for Intel, and it’s taken them a long time to get here.

Sadly though, this first push is not for people building their own systems. Instead, they’ve teamed up with ASUS and Colorful to offer entry-level GPUs in their pre-built systems. Starting off at the low end makes a lot of sense though, so they can keep pushing and tweaking as needed before trying to capture a bigger slice of the market.

It actually appears to be based on the same parts as the Intel Iris Xe MAX, with Intel saying they “saw the opportunity to better serve the high-volume, value-desktop market with improved graphics, display and media acceleration capabilities” and this is the result of that.


An important announcement though, and the beginnings of more competition for both NVIDIA and AMD which the market really does need. Once we hear news on the Intel Xe HPG (the gaming GPUs), we will let you know, they’ve not given any fresh timeline HPG yet.

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