Casino Games, a 1989 compilation for the Sega Master System

Casino Games Sega Master System

Once upon a time… there was the Sega Master System (SMS), an 8-bit video game console manufactured by Sega in the years 1985 – 1992. The Master System has its place in history, and since only 13 million units were sold, if you own one, it can still give you some satisfaction. Like playing the series of mini-games that was marketed in 1989 as “Casino Games.”

Today we are light years ahead, and you can play in Legal online casinos for real money and get the whole excitement and adventure of the real thing. Back in the Eighties, early Nineties, simple games like these could still give you a taste of the wagering world, even without the sophistication of today’s advanced technology.

The 1989 compilation is cute and succeeds in hooking your attention with a few simple tricks. There is a friendly blonde receptionist there to welcome you. Properly dressed in a white shirt and bow tie, she will politely greet you and ask you if you already have an account. You get to answer “yes” if you have been there before, or “no” if you are a newcomer, in which case you get a 500 $ bonus to play. When you win some more, you can open an account that will be available for all your successive visits. Take advantage of the possibility as soon as you can: if you run out of cash, it is Game Over for you.

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Poker – There are four opponents to play against, each of them with his/her personality and temperament. Nancy for example, is a simple player, while the hardest is Charley. You are presented with a one on one game and a five-card-draw. You can Bet, Pass, or Fold for around. Then you will replace unwanted cards for the second and final round.

Blackjack – Here, you play a standard game against the dealer to score higher than him but without exceeding 21 points. You can Hit (get another card) or Stand (keep the cards). Rules include Double Down (if the score is lower then 12 you can double the bet but have a maximum of one more card), Split (turn two matching cards into 2 separate hands), and Insurance (you win if the dealer gets 21 with two cards after playing extra).

Baccarat – You try to beat the dealer’s score by using only the last digit of the total of the cards (i.e. 10+4 = 4). If the score is less than six, you get one more card. Otherwise, the dealer may get an extra card based on complex rules. From eight and above, neither gets extra cards.

Slot Machine – Here, you find old standard fruit slot machines with three lines each. There is one token per line to a maximum of 3 lines; then, you increase the payout per line up to 3 times (9 tokens max). The payouts range from 1 Cherry (2 tokens) to Lucky Sevens (50 tokens).

Pinball – You have three table slope choices, Gentle, Middle, or Steep, and a standard three-ball pinball table with drop-targets, bumpers, rollovers, and two levels of flippers. The plunger strength is based on timing, and flippers are controlled by left and B.

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