DARIUSBURST SP Second Prologue Android Gameplay


I am a huge fan of side scrolling shooters like DARIUSBURST SP. While my skills today are nowhere near where they were 20+ years ago, I still enjoy them. The biggest problem I have on mobile platforms is simply finding good side scrolling shooters.

DARIUSBURST SP has lineage

For those that are new to this series, DARIUS was brought over to North America under the title, SAGAIA. I remember seeing it under this title on the Sega Genesis console. Then later I saw a game called DARIUS Twin for the Super Nintendo. Back then I did not put two and two together but later it was a fun Easter Egg.

Sagaia Sega Genesis

Great for newcomers

DARIUSBURST SP is great for people like me, or people new to the genre. It is not a “Bullet Hell” shooter – those are usually overhead scrolling. You can simply play and enjoy this one without much pressure on your skills.

There are also branching paths through the game so you can try different routes. One too tough? On your next playthrough go with another route, it may be easier (or harder).

[embedded content]

Mobile enhancements

DARIUSBURST SP on mobile is interesting. The developers have adjusted the controls for touch screens and added some things. First, there is new music by ZUNTATA, great news. Next, we have an SP mode which acts like a remix of the game. SP mode also includes new enemy patterns and revised boss battles.


The DARIUS line of games is a long one. There are many releases in its history. DARIUSBURST SP is just one of the mobile releases – already ahead of the competition. On Android and iPhone there is not nearly as much competition as there was on 16-bit platforms. Sadly, side scrolling shooter games have fallen out of favor with fans and developers.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite scrolling shooter games are. For me, DARIUSBURST SP is leading the pack.

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