Raspberry Pi Introduces a New $4 Board, and Its Own Silicon

This particular board similar to an Arduino I think. Regular Pi’s are like mini computers.

Some things I have done with an Arduino.

A system that would email me when a window style contact trigger was opened for monitoring windows.

A system for logging temperatures from sensors to an SQL database.

I tried to make a little digital hourglass I saw on Reddit but it didn’t work out (I think my parts were cheap)

I have seen a lot more elaborate control projects, I use regular Pi’s more than Arduino boards.

For regular Pi’s, I mostly use them as mini computers. I have one hosting a webserver that I archive a copy of all my self hosted blogs to.

I have one running Ad blocking DNS.

One hoats a database and web interface for the Arduino mentioned above logging temperatures.

One runs a low power Minecraft server.

One I built into a handheld Game Boy style emulator.

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I have run a lot of other projects on these. They can pretty much do anything a Linux server would do, just lower power.

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