POND’S Skin Advisor Live AI-powered chatbot now on Shopee

POND’S cutting-edge Skin Advisor Live (SAL) AI chatbot has been integrated on Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, to launch the Smarter Skincare Just For You regional campaign.

The partnership enables POND’S and Shopee to capture more digitally savvy consumers in the region and drive higher engagement, as e-commerce becomes an increasingly important channel of growth. In the Philippines, e-commerce has tripled the growth of Unilever’s skincare category, year-over-year.

The campaign integrates POND’S Skin Advisor Live AI-powered beauty tech solution with Shopee’s proven engagement tools to deliver an innovative and personalized online shopping experience. Based on SAL’s free skin analysis, users can gain a deeper understanding of their skin and buy the most effective skincare products, all from the comfort of their homes. This provides a simple one-stop beauty solution for consumers who are often overwhelmed with beauty choices online.

The campaign has been rolled out in phases across four markets in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Consumers rely more on beauty tech tools to make purchase decisions

Sales of skincare products are expected to grow at double-digit numbers until 2023 in Southeast Asia. The Beauty & Personal Care category has consistently seen strong demand on Shopee, as more consumers prioritize self-care by shopping for skincare products. These trends drive more brands to expand online to meet growing demands and find more innovative ways to engage their customers.

To better serve consumers who are going online to research and shop for beauty products, POND’S brings the success of its unique Skin Advisor Live AI Chatbot to an e-commerce platform. Together with Shopee, its preferred regional partner, POND’S will pilot this initiative across four of its key markets in the region.

Following the launch of SAL on Facebook Messenger across 9 countries last year, POND’S observed that up to 98% of consumers cited that they enjoyed their interactions with SAL. This innovative feature helps customers analyze their skin types, find the right skincare products, and add these items to their shopping carts. Shoppers simply have to follow the easy ‘Chat, Snap, Buy’ three-step process by messaging the Unilever Beauty Official Store on Shopee.

“Our mission has always been to provide consumers with expert skincare solutions to enable them to look their best every day. When faced with so many beauty choices available online, we understand it can be overwhelming and challenging for consumers to pick the right skincare products. By integrating SAL, POND’S virtual beauty advisor, on Shopee’s robust chat platform, we can help consumers quickly find the products that suit their unique skin type. They don’t have to rely on trial and error in hopes of finding the best fit for their skin, making beauty an enjoyable experience,” says Rohit Bhasin, global brand vice president at POND’S.

Martin Yu, director at Shopee Philippines, said, “We are honored to be the first and exclusive e-commerce platform to partner with POND’S on this innovative campaign. We’re always looking for ways to explore and launch new ideas, tech, and products with brands. We also want to provide fresh experiences for our Shopee users who trust us for a seamless and unique shopping experience. This partnership comes at an opportune time to empower users to invest in quality products catered to their skincare needs through edu-tainment and promotional deals this new year.”

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