Pearl’s Peril – Hidden Object Games – Review

Uncover a Diabolical Plot That Touches Everyone In Pearl’s Life.

Pearl's Peril - Hidden Object Games - Review

On the off chance that you love Hidden Object Games, Pearl’s Peril is the mystery you’ve been sitting tight for.
Wooga has developed a gem in the genre of hidden object adventure games released back in May 2016.

No other Hidden Object Mystery can match Pearl’s stunning, hand-drawn scenes.

When Pearl discovers about her father who has passed away she immediately travels to inherit Artemis island to find what truly happened.
Join heiress and ace pilot Pearl Wallace on a round-the-world hunt for clues as she unwinds the secret of her dad’s apparent suicide.
From New York City to the core of Africa, follow Pearl into destructive threats as she endeavors to expose the genuine killer and uncover their wretched plans!

Pearl's Peril - Hidden Object Games - Review

The gameplay here is as same as other hidden object games you face a screen containing a large number of objects.
Your point is to discover the things recorded at the lower part of the screen. When you discover an object tap it to cause it to vanish from the list, at that point continue settling the secret.

Each thing you find will help you continue with your investigation and open new rooms or urban areas where you can get more information about Pearl’s dad and his passing.
Renovate and redecorate the Wallace family’s exotic estate on the private Polynesian island of Artemis!

Connect your game to Facebook and join the adventure clubs, visit your friend’s islands and challenge their high scores.
Solve daily puzzles to claim in-game rewards.

Pearl's Peril - Hidden Object Games - Review

Wooga has delivered exceptional in-game visuals that are top-notch containing stunning and fascinating art designs.
There is no voice-over and no sound other than a conventional bell when you discover new things.

From the start, we truly appreciated this game. We like that you need to recall where to find everything to progress in the game.
Tragically the game is getting incredibly awful about booting you out because of loss of internet connection.

On the off chance that you apparently lose the connection, it denies you of your in-game energy or tickets in the captain’s challenge.
At the point when you are further into the game, it takes everlastingly to assemble enough coins to make the purchase of larger items in order to open new scenes.
You have just a single alternative: continue to play similar scenes again and again for 13 coins rather than 25.

Pearl's Peril - Hidden Object Games - Review

You’ll require a sharp eye and a sharp brain to open the privileged insights of Pearl’s Peril, and reveal the driving force behind her dad’s inauspicious destiny!
Epic adventure, mind-boggling mystery, and heart-stopping romance are woven into the texture of Pearl’s Peril, for a rich, remunerating story you won’t forget.

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