‘Higher-End’ MacBook Air Could Be Launching Later This Year

We have been hearing rumors that Apple could be planning on redesigning its MacBook Pro, but what about the MacBook Air? Apart from changing up the bezels for the display, the laptop has still pretty much maintained the same design and form factor. That could change either later in the year or possibly 2022.


This is based on Mark Gurman’s report over at Bloomberg, where he claims that Apple is planning on introducing a new “higher-end” MacBook Air that will come with a brand new design. It is expected to be even thinner and lighter than the current model, and will also include features like a MagSafe charger that Apple had previously retired from its laptops in favor of USB-C.

The report also shares some tidbits on the design process, where apparently Apple did explore the idea of creating a 15-inch MacBook Air, but it seems that did not come to pass. Apple’s MacBook Airs have typically been touted as value-for-money purchases as far as Apple’s laptops are concerned.

While not necessarily cheap, they are pretty decently-specced for the price, plus the build quality means that they will last users a very long time. We’re not sure what a “higher-end” model could look like, but we’ll have to wait for either later in the year or 2022, but hopefully Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro could give us some clues as to what we might be able to look forward to.

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