How to Have an App Made for Your Business

If you own and run a business and you are not already offering an app to your customers or clients, then why not? People spend almost all of their time attached to their mobile phones (your customers included) so why not get on board and have a bespoke app created just for your business. An app will ensure you can keep in contact with customers and keep them updated quickly and easily. Creating an app that features everything you want and leaves out everything you think is not essential or necessary. Everyone uses apps to make their lives easier so why not join the ongoing movement.


When it comes to developing and creating an app it is important to see what will benefit your customers. Knowing what gaps to fill is important. Putting together a list of what you know your customers want, or know they need is essential, as this means that the app you create (that will feature these things) will add benefit and value to your customers lives. It will not just be a gimmicky and pointless waste of time that will be forgotten about in a few days time. If you are at all unsure as to what your customers want then utilise market research, it is essential in this case, so invest a bit of time and money at this point to ask your customers what they would benefit from. There is no point in guessing what they want, and what they will benefit from.

In addition to market research, to get a first-hand feel and experience, then try putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about what would make you feel like you were getting good value for money. For example, if you run hairdressers would an app that allowed your clients to contact you, change their appointment or even have a consultation online be beneficial? Or, perhaps you run a business development consultancy, would an app that features business growth guides and advice be useful to your clients. Knowing your customer and client base is essential, they should be at the forefront of any app creation to ensure that your customers really do come first.

Giving the Green Light to Your App

Having an app created is an exciting project to undertake, especially if you enlist the help of super creative and knowledgeable developers such as Finding a developer that is right for you, and can help add value to your business through app creation doesn’t have to be tedious or hard work. Start off by deciding what is important to you and your app, what do you see your app looking like, are there any colors you must use to tie in with your branding or existing marketing? from here, you can then create a brief. The brief is very important as it ensures both you and the developer are working on the same page. A brief must include key features that you want your app to feature.

Once your brief is created and you have a developer in mind it is now time to work out your expectations. Your expectations may be limited by your budget, but a good developer will come up with creative solutions to offer you the best possible options. Think about what you are expecting from the app and from the developer. From the budget to the timescale, to the launch date (when your app has been tested and is up and running, ready to go). Make sure you get all these points crystal clear with the developer and most importantly written down. This way you both know what you are working towards at all times. This brief will act as a reference for both parties during this process.

Now it’s time to talk about brass taxes – the budget. You get what you pay for and cheap certainly is by no means cheerful. You have to be a bit flexible here in terms of the budget as things can take longer than you expected. It is vital that you see the budget as ongoing, for example allocate or allow funds for if you want to change any features further down the line.

Once you have discussed the budget it’s time to lay down some dates. What is your timescale? Do you have a date for completion in mind, does the launch of the app have to coincide with any marketing you may be running alongside. Be open and honest with the developer about timescales from the start to ensure a good working relationship, nobody wants to get sprung with last-minute changes or deadlines.

Getting your App off the Ground


Now it comes down to communication. Communicating with the developer and your customers is what you should be focusing on. Letting your customers know that a new app is heading their way is the key to a successful launch. Thinking about your launch, how exactly are you going to launch your app? Are you going to hold an online launch? Host an exclusive invite-only party, or are you going to harness the power of email marketing? Whatever you decide to do, then make sure it has an impact. There is no point in spending lots of time and effort into creating a fantastic new app for your business if you are not going to put it out there for everyone to see and benefit from. So, get started as soon as you can on a launch plan, failing to have a plan could see your app landing flat on its face! So, as you can see there are lots to do and consider when creating, developing, and launching a new app, so what are you waiting for researching how to target your audience when launching your new app is a job in itself, so start planning and creating a marketing plan that covers everything as soon as you can. Once the app has been released to the market it will be too late.

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