Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects – Review

Explore The Manor And Showcase Your Detective Skills.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects, a mysterious game that helps you daily for mind flex long with cool puzzle games!
The game puts you in the shoes of a young detective who is invited to the manor by a cat named Joshua.
Gamesight has delivered one of the mega-hit hidden objects game.
Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects was released back in May 2018 worldwide.
This game has acquired a great fan base in the regions of Russia.
Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects also lies in the genre of adventure games.

The owner of Mystery Manor the confounding and slippery Mister X, has vanished, leaving the residents all to themselves to address all the secrets of this unusual spot. This is where you come in as a detective.
Regardless of the facade, there are numerous rooms loaded with shrouded items and dim mysteries in this chateau.
Each floor is a maze of secretive cases that will interest any detective deserving at least some respect.
Experience the surge of examining uncanny wrongdoing scenes, addressing bizarre characters, and discovering signs in the most surprising spots!

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects - Review

The main objective of the game is to rescue Mister X by discovering hidden objects and solving puzzles.
As you progress through stages, you will disentangle the secrets all through the manor, however, each answer comes with even more questions.

In-game modes –
-Word mode – Provides a list with the names of the objects that have to be found.
-Silhouette mode – Provides a list with the black outlines of the objects that have to be found.
-Night Mode – Provides a list with the names of the objects that have to be found and keeps most of the screen darkened, except for a player-controlled spotlight.
-Comparison Mode – Provides two side-by-side images of the room, with the goal being to “spot the difference” between the two images.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects - Review

Game Features –
-Explore an atmosphere of mystery.
-A captivating detective storyline.
-Beautiful hand-drawn graphics.
-A wide variety of objects to search for and puzzles to solve.
-Banish unwelcome guests.
-Search for objects in different modes: words, silhouettes, phenomena, and Zodiac modes.
-Regular free updates are full of new characters, rooms, and quests.
-Breathtaking mini-games and a Match-3 adventure.
-This game works offline without an Internet connection, so you can play it on the plane, on the subway, or on the road.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects - Review

We love to play a mysterious game until it becomes difficult and frustrating.
we have played the new echoes mode. It is way too difficult and hard to get 300 rooms perfect.
We were at 260 and they ruined us. Also, the new prices are too high.
We discovered this game easy at the initial stages but the further you go along the more rooms that require specific items to enter.
And if you need to enter a room for a quest then it becomes harder to find the items required to enter that room.
This means you can pay to play (definitely not worth it) or it gets super boring.

Mystery Manor is a free-to-play game, using the freemium model of monetization.
Do u have enough observation skills to solve the puzzles of the manor?
Discover the secrets of Mystery Manor and rescue Mister X

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Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects - Review

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