The Switch has officially shipped 1 million units in China

The Switch has shipped 1 million units in China, according to official figures from Nintendo’s distribution partner Tencent.

As reported by Reuters, a Tencent spokesperson described that milestone as a “good start” for the hybrid console, adding that “the games published on Nintendo Switch (China-Exclusive Version) have been well received by the market.”

Those 1 million sales come just over a year after the Switch launched in China on December 10, 2019, with Nintendo linking up with Tencent to bring the console along with a selection of approved titles to the lucrative Chinese market.

Although the figure might represent a notable start for the device in China, it’s merely a drop in the ocean when you consider the Switch has so far amassed over 68 million sales worldwide.

For context, that’s five times the number its predecessor the Wii U sold during its entire lifespan, and only 7 million sales short of the Nintendo 3DS’ lifetime sales total of 75 million units.

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