News: Microsoft reportedly surveying Xbox owners if they’d like to see PS5 DualSense-like features on Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft has apparently issued a survey to a small number of Xbox Series X|S owners to ask them their opinions on next generation controller features on Xbox, for example those found on the PlayStation 5’s DualSense.

As originally reported by TechRadar, the survey asks if users are ““aware of features on PlayStation controllers that I wish were on the controller that came with this console” and how much they agree or disagree with the statement. Users are also asked specifically which features—such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback—players would like to see, and whether they believe that the console feels like a “next gen” machine.

One of our Josh’s surprise favourite games of last year was bundled freebie Astro’s Playroom, in which he really enjoyed the ways it utlised the DualSense to really feel like a next generation game. Could we be seeing a revision of the Xbox controllers to see something similar for Series X|S owners? For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

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