More New Year Gadgets – 12 Inch LED Ring Wall Clock

I just received this US/EU Plug 12/24 hour 12 Inch LED Ring Wall Clock from Banggood (pre-assembled), complete with a US plug – but as that’s a separate USB charger it’s not that important – they do supply both EU and USA USB adaptors.

You may be aware that I’ve put together several 60-LED modules with ESP-12 boards in the past, to make LED clocks – firstly with ESP-GO and then with Tasmota.

This is NOT one of those – but then, it didn’t require assembly or the need for a non-standard case – swings and roundabouts. I’d have preferred full colour LEDS around the outside of the clock instead of white but that might have raised the price and some may not like psychedelic colours in a clock. I can definitely see a place for this gadget on my office wall once I figure out a way to hide the thin USB lead.

And there it is sitting on my table – working straight out of the box. It seems the unit will auto-adjust brightness depending on ambient lighting level. An important point before I forget – if you disconnect the USB power from this – it KEEPS all the settings as there is an inbuilt Lithium battery for that purpose.

The clock is all of 12″ (35cm) diameter and around 1″ (25mm) thick. It comes complete with metal mounting bracket and was well packed. Ignore the black shape bulging up above the hours section (and the basket behind) in the photo above.

All in, not bad for a cheap clock – and something a little different for anyone who fancies such a clock but is short of time or skill to make their own decent housing (like me for example).


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