Apple MacBook Wireless Charging Patent for iPhone Spotted! Apple Watch Can Soon Charge on …

An Apple patent was reportedly discovered to be planning a new feature for the MacBook and iPad that would be beneficial for wireless charging-enabled devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch. Yes, MacBooks and iPads would soon be magnetically-equipped wireless charging docks on the laptop’s wrist rest and the wide backside of the Apple tablet.

Apple MacBook Pro M1

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The most valuable technology company in the world has another plan for its large devices not to only bring the latest technology, but also another feature that would unite most of its devices. Less is more indeed, and this applies to foregoing the wire-y charging docks and MagSafe charging accessories for both iPhone and Apple Watch.

According to Patently Apple, a recently approved patent by the United States’ Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple security to new technology that features “2-Way Charging,” also known as “reverse charging.” The original patent filing dates back to as early as March 2016, which is a technology four years in the making for Apple to improve and perfect.

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Apple MacBook and iPad Charging Docks: Wireless Charging for Apple Devices

It would not be the first thing that comes into mind with MacBooks and iPads supporting wireless charging (but those features would surely be better for the gadgets), rather, the laptop and tablet becoming charging hubs. Say goodbye to MagSafe and lightning connectors and only rely on one’s MacBook and/or iPad to charge one’s iPhone, Apple Watch, etc.

Apple Patent

(Photo : US Patent and Trademark Office)

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple’s patent is called “Inductive Charging between electronic devices,” and would use an electronic device to charge another one of the kind. This venture would make use of inductive coils to generate electricity from the PC laptop or tablet, towards other compatible gadgets from the company.

The many features of the MacBook and iPad would be added with another one (or a handful of them) to charge anywhere and anytime, by just placing the gadget atop each other. Specific charging points would be marked by the company, but despite lacking those, it would easily be found by the device upon placing it on the surface of the device.

Apple’s Patent Claim: All-in-One Devices for All Needs

Apple Patent

(Photo : US Patent and Trademark Office)

Device-to-device charging was already available for Android smartphones via wires and OTG cables, but as far as device-to-device wireless charging, Apple pioneers this innovation and technology. This benefits Apple because it has total control of its devices that range from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other accessories.

The change for Apple would not be massive as it would only add the inductive coils on select places in the devices, which the company has been planning since 2016 and made space for these already. Since Apple was approved as early as the start of the year, the new feature might get carried over the new MacBook Pros that are speculated to have a 14-inch and 16-inch release later this year.

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