‘2k2k++ CYBERMONKEY HAS DIED REMYX’ – A Delightful Internet Jaunt

The 2k2k++ CYBERMONKEY HAS DIED REMYX of Tetrageddon Games takes us back to a time when the internet was filled with brilliant, shiny adventure and excitement.

Going on the internet used to be a wild experience. One that was filled with so much creativity in its web design. Not that there aren’t a ton of creative people doing great things online these days, but there was a certain pleasant chaos involved with the early internet. Pages could look like just about anything, and were filled with wild art. I felt like I never knew what to expect for layouts, visuals, sounds, and activities. It was uncharted territory all over the place, rather than a place I went to work or figure out what new misery awaited me in the world.


I miss how that sense of exploring the unknown felt. That feeling that I was always unearthing treasures. Nathalie Lawhead has captured that feeling with the 2k2k++ CYBERMONKEY HAS DIED REMYX, presenting us with a delightful place of endless joys. Clicking on boxes would lead me to ridiculous EULAs, have me creating statues of bones as offerings, and purging my computer of nasty viruses using angels. Every click leads you down unknown roads, making me feel like I was on an endless adventure. That the internet was a place of curiosity and discovery, showing the wondrous spirit of our creativity uncapped and unfettered.

It’s a colorful, delightful place that made me feel excited to be on the internet for the first time in ages. It feels so powerfully human and creative and bright that I just want to keep seeing what other magical things lie inside it. It’s honestly a real gift to start the year with something so beautiful and wonder-inducing. Please, please go get lost in its pages for a while.


2k2k++ CYBERMONKEY HAS DIED REMYX is available to explore on tetrageddon.com.

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