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(2021) ᐉ What Color Apple Watch Case And Band Should You Buy? ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

The Apple Watch Series 6 is here, and it significantly ups the game when it comes to wellness and fitness-centric features. While features such as blood oxygen saturation measurement and ECG help the Apple Watch Series 6 stand out, it is also one of the most versatile smartwatches when it comes to design customizability. In fact, Apple introduced even more case color and band style options this year with its latest smartwatch, offering users a wider aesthetics palette to choose from. While it is definitely a huge plus having more variety on the plate, but it also adds to more confusion while buying one. But we’re here to help you pick the right Apple Watch Series case and the band to go with it:

Apple Watch Series 6 case & colors

First, let’s go through all the case options at your disposal and the color options they are available in. Apple has added a new Titanium case option this year, upping the number of case types to three. The most affordable Aluminum case option of the Apple Watch Series 6 comes in a total of five colors – Silver, Space Gray, Gold, Blue, and Red. On the other hand, the Stainless Steel case is offered in Silver, Gold (PVD finish, looks more like actual gold), and Graphite shades. As for the high-end Titanium case, it is up for grabs in Titanium and Space Black colorways.

Blue Apple Watch with blue braided watch band

So, if you are eying the new blue or red shades, you’ll have to stick with the Aluminum case of the Apple Watch. However, if you fancy the bling of gold, you can pick up the pricier Stainless Steel case that is now available in a Gold finish as well. But if you favor a more understated outlook, the Stainless Steel case in Graphite color with the signature metallic luster is the one to go for. If you want something more premium to truly stand out, the Apple Watch Series 6 Titanium case in Space Black colorway is the one you should pick.

Now that color options are out of the way, let’s discuss the watch options are at your disposal. Apple offers its latest smartwatch in three editions: the standard Apple Watch, Apple Watch Nike that comes with the signature Nike perforated bands, and the uber-expensive Apple Watch Hermes that comes with custom leather band options.


The Apple Watch Series 6 with an Aluminum case is customizable with six types of band choices – Solo Loop, Braided Solo Loop, Sport Band, Sport Loop, Leather and Stainless Steel.

apple watch series 6 solo loop band colors

The Solo Loop band lacks any buttons or a buckle and is made out of a solid soft rubber loop that stretches like a regular band to offer superior comfort. It comes in a choice of seven colors. Apple Watch Series 6 configurations with a Solo Loop band start at $399. If you have a taste for minimalist design and value comfort above all else, this one’s the right option.

apple watch series 6 braided solo loop band colors

The freshly introduced Braided Solo Loop band also follows a similar button-less or buckle-less approach as the Solo Loop band. However, the cross-woven fabric pattern gives it a unique look and makes it worth a try if you want both comfort and class, It comes in a choice of five bright colors. Apple is charging a $50 premium for the new Braided Solo Loop, which means it can be yours on an Apple Watch Series 6 starting at $449.

apple watch series 6 sports band colors

The Sport Band offers the quintessential sporty appeal with its one-button approach and clean looks. It also offers the widest array of color options to choose from, which includes 11 solid colors and a multi-color Pride Edition Sport Band. The starting price of an Apple Watch Series 6 adorned with the Sport Band is set at $399 a pop.

apple watch series 6 double-layer nylon weave sport band

Next up is the super popular Sport Loop band, which is made out of a double-layer nylon weave and happens to be soft, breathable, and lightweight too. It comes in a total of nine color options and offers an added dash of spark with its subtle two-tone design. You can pick up an Apple Watch Series 6 paired with a Sport Loop band starting at $399 from the Apple Store. When it comes to seamlessly switching between casual and formal, you can’t go wrong with this one.

apple watch series 6 leather band color options and styles

The leather band for Apple Watch Series 6 is available in two styles – the classic modern buckle design that has silver hooks and comes in four colors, and the new Leather Link case. The former can be yours starting at $499. The Leather Link case has pill-shaped protrusions all across the band’s surface and is available in a choice of four colors. This band, coupled with the basic 40mm GPS-only Apple Watch Series 6 model will set you back by $449.

Milanese Loop and Link Bracelet bands

Finally, you can also pick up a band made out of stainless steel in two styles – Milanese Loop and Link Bracelet. The Milanese Loop Band has the classic dense chainmail design that comes in Graphite, Silver, and Gold colors. It is up for grabs starting at $449. Lastly, you can pick up the new Link Bracelet that will set you back by $699 for the base 40mm Apple Watch Series 6 variant and comes in two colors – Silver and Black. This one will appeal to those who fancy the classic metal chain watches with a double-lock clasp mechanism.

Apple Watch Series 6 Nike Sport and Nike Sport Loop bands

If you wish to go all-in on the sporty appeal, you can pick up the Apple Watch Nike, which comes in a choice of two styles – Nike Sport Band and Nike Sport Loop. The Nike Sport Band has the familiar perforated design with a two-tone colorway and circular holes all across the band. The Nike Sport Loop, on the other hand, goes for breathable fabric instead of rubber and comes in a choice of five two-tone colors. Both the variants will cost you $399 on an Apple Watch Series 6 for its base configuration.

Apple Watch Hermes double tour and single tour leather bands

And if you want a taste of high-end luxury, you can go with the Apple Watch Hermes that only comes in a single Stainless Steel case option. As for the band, you can choose between two styles – single tour swift leather that starts at an eye-watering $1,249 and a double tour variant that goes north of $1,399.