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(2021) ᐉ Weekday Escape N°234

noviembre 16, 2022

Elephant Room

This week Amajeto’s persistent creativity focused on elephants and colors. Elephants are numerous and an abacus would come handy even though you can do incredibly properly without the need of it, I am confident. Can you escape?

The cursor is not altering, no save button, 1 ending.

Amajeto Kids Room

Children rooms are favourite and this 1 is not undoubtedly the initial Amajeto’s area crammed with plush bears and toy trains…are you going to keep there and play, or leave?

The cursor is not altering, no save button, 1 ending.


Small sheep desires cake. Granny promises to bake 1, but points never go so straightforward…there are numerous components important for a suitable strawberry cake and it really is you who is supposed to get them and overcome numerous obstacles at that. Nicolet’s game is as beautiful as normally, puzzles are intuitive, not as well tricky not as well straightforward, all animals you meet cute and beneficial. Pleasure to play!

The cursor is not altering, autosave, 1 ending.

The game is readily available for Android, iOS and also on Steam.

P.S. I was confident I played a game by MayMay exactly where the target was to gather components for a cake. I did not obtain it, so right here is Uncover 10 Yellow Cupcakes or Uncover 10 Cookies as an alternative. Or Uncover 10 Cookies Element two.

Resort Room

A single of numerous Neat Escape’s close friends owns a hotel, and not surprisingly, it really is the escape hotel. You just peacefully fall asleep in your area and immediately after waking up (nevertheless peacefully) you obtain out that the area is a trap. A comfy 1 with amazing bathroom and a billiards table but nevertheless a trap…there are numerous puzzles you need to have to resolve just before you get a breakfast! A single crucial fits two locks as usual and the second ending undoubtedly worth playing.

The cursor is not altering, autosave plus save button, two endings.

The game is readily available for Android as well.

P.S. An additional ‘bathtub’ with pink water you obtain in The Escape Hotel- Hot Spring by Tesshi-e.

We enjoy escape games, and our readers enjoy speaking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you feel, ask for clues, or enable out other players in the comments beneath.