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(2021) ᐉ Weekday Escape N°231

noviembre 16, 2022

Weekday EscapeWelcome! The week is more than and the new Weekday Escape is right here!

It is lazy summer time afternoon, and Amajeto locked you in their velvetish searching living area with colorful coctails standing right here and there. Following the escape, you are delivered mysterious box by skelex, closed of course. Nonetheless, quick examination reveals hints for the codes so you can open it without having utilizing an axe. TomoLaSiDo desires you to locate sparkles and you get a likelihood to play with them for a though. In the final No1game’s game you turn into voluntary prisoner in your personal apartment – not becoming locked, the door can be opened any time but it is not encouraged due to climate circumstances…can you adjust them?

Have a great time and delight in!

Summer Afternoon

Amajeto locked you in a comfy area of theirs and desires you to escape it. If the escaping method requires also lengthy, you locate couple of coctails thoughtfully ready for slow and/or thirsty players – but do not drink them to the bottom, you may possibly need to have them later…

The cursor is not altering, no save button, one particular ending.

Solomon's Box

In quick but pretty effectively accomplished atmospheric game by skelex you are not escaping from anyplace. Your uncle sent you a box collectively with strange note stained with suspicious dark red liquid and sturdy command not to open the box…effectively he should not have sent it to somebody who loves puzzles! Of course you crave to find out its secrets…and the command is crossed out, anyway. Will you open the box? Are you confident it is not the Pandora’s?

The cursor is not altering, no save button, one particular ending.

Escape Challenge 91: Room with Sparkler

TomoLaSiDo hid seven sparklers in their neat and tidy living area, and also six blue and white capsules containing crucial components. You need to have to figure out numerous codes and open the coded drawers to get what you want but that is not all. By the wall is standing a strange device, very difficult, which only function is to give out one particular capsule. Can you get it function and assemble the crucial?

The cursor is altering, no save button, one particular ending.

Find the Escape-Men 203: Typhoon 2

This time you locate your self locked inside your personal apartment from pretty great causes – it is typhoon season and Picoon, a sturdy typhoon, has been attacking the location exactly where you reside for numerous days. You are tired and bored from your lengthy imprisonment at dwelling but think it or not, getting No1game’s ten escape-guys may possibly drastically adjust the scenario in significant scale! So, appear everywhere, resolve couple of puzzles – and you are going to see how potent the green guys can be!

The cursor is not altering, no save button, one particular ending.

P.S.: Right here is original but not identical Uncover the Escape-Guys 61: Typhoon.

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