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(2021) ᐉ War Thunder 1.91 ‘Night Vision’ Is Out With The Chinese Nation, New Sound Engine And Simple Anti-Cheat ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

The on the net free of charge to play combat sim War Thunder just had a big new release, adding in an completely new nation with China and lots of upgrades elsewhere.

Some highlights consist of: Evening Vision and Thermal Sight devices Chinese air and ground forces a map rotation filter a new sound engine 3 new areas new ground automobiles, helicopters, naval vessels and aircraft for many nations, plus a lot of fixes and updates for current machines and game mechanics.

You can see their newest update video beneath:

One particular of the most significant adjustments you may hear is the new sound engine, as they’ve completed a huge update to FMOD Studio from the old and unsupported Fmod Ex. This upgrade introduces improved positional accuracy of sound, decreased RAM consumption, a much better sound mix so if there is an explosion close to you the volume of other sound lower if proportion to it plus lots of completely new and enhanced sound effects created it in. You can study far more about that especially right here.

They also added in Simple Anti-Cheat to operate alongside their current options. They mentioned it would be turned on “quickly just after the update goes reside”. At present then, it is probably that will block any one playing it via Steam Play rather than the native Linux construct. Though the native version performs fine for me (and continues to do so when tested these days), other folks have reported it to operate much better for them with Steam Play. Hopefully CodeWeavers and Valve can get EAC supported in Wine/Steam Play quickly but no update on that however.

Locate the highlights right here, the complete changelog right here and you can download it on the official website or Steam.

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