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(2021) ᐉ Telling Lies Overview

noviembre 16, 2022

New releases are regularly pushing the line among video games and films. If it is not David Cage stretching the boundaries of what counts as a game, the indie scene squeezes out walking simulators with just about no gameplay involved. FMV games had been possibly the very first that attempted to blur that unique line. In that vein Telling Lies tries to make the distinction among the two even tougher. Featuring an complete film worth of video and actual gameplay it is difficult to know which box to place it in. On the one particular hand, you truly have far more perform to do than merely wandering about to piece the story collectively. On the other, most of your time requires passively watching videos.

Telling Lies is some thing of a spiritual successor to Her Story, a different FMV game produced by Sam Barlow the developer of Telling Lies along with Furious Bee. In a really related style to Her Story, the gameplay of Telling Lies requires utilizing an archive of footage to piece collectively an ambiguous story. As opposed to Her Story, nevertheless, Telling Lies does not have a powerful begin. The concern is that you do not have substantially path. The opening video shows a lady getting into her apartment, then you see a fake OS startup. Beginning out you get a large heap of clips to appear by way of and fairly substantially have to figure it out from there.

Telling Lies options four principal characters, most of whom seem in one particular-sided conversations.

The Gameplay In Telling Lies

The gameplay all requires spot inside the fake operating technique. You can access a database indexing system, typing in keyword phrases to discover distinct clips. As you watch clips you discover new items to search for and gradually but certainly piece collectively what is taking place. You begin off at about 12 am, and have till five am to learn as substantially as you can ahead of you upload the files to a leaks database. In that time, you have cost-free reign to dive into the large wealth of video which comes packed with Telling Lies. Alternatively, playing solitaire is also an alternative if you like playing solitaire with one particular card missing.

Of course, the principal draw right here is the story and characters. When you commence, you know absolutely nothing about any of the characters or what’s seriously going on. The very first time you log on, a keyword is currently in spot: Enjoy. Pressing search will introduce you to the 4 characters of the principal cast. It is not altogether also difficult to move forward, but the way you practical experience the story comes with a couple of problems. You largely see conversations one particular side at a time, with no way of playing each sides subsequent to every single other. To a particular degree, this entices players into figuring out which keyword phrases give you access to the other side. Nonetheless, it would be good to be capable to watch them each subsequent to every single other as soon as you have located them.

Telling Lies options a UI made like an operating technique which appears suspiciously like Ubuntu.

The UI Of Telling Lies

The UI also presents problems. Even though it is achievable to speedy forward and rewind clips, you cannot scrub by way of them effortlessly. When you search for a keyword you get bookmarks showcasing the precise moment keyword phrases pop up. So, if you want to go back to the starting of the clip, you have to rewind by click and dragging then holding down the button. Even though this would perform fine on mobile devices, it is a huge discomfort for Computer. It appears like rewinding is intentionally slow and tedious. Perhaps so you cannot begin at the starting of a clip which offers away also substantially information and facts. The difficulty is that creating some thing tedious feels far more like negative game design and style than clever misdirection. It seriously must be up to the player to practical experience the story as they see match.

The garbled way in which you practical experience the story of Telling Lies also comes with its personal difficulties. The time limit combined with getting to kind in random keyword phrases implies that you may well come across the larger reveals suitable at the starting, then have to run down the clock till the game finishes. This essentially implies that the pacing is all out of whack. Rather of coming across the climactic story reveal towards the finish when it would have felt suitable, I ended up finding out most of the crucial stuff at the halfway point. There had been some crucial moments in the late-game which gave me smaller pieces of information and facts. Nonetheless, the game peaks hours ahead of you finish a playthrough.

When you are viewing videos or messing about in the OS you are regularly reminded of the particular person utilizing the computer system by her reflection which is overlayed at all occasions.

The Narrative Of Telling Lies

The story is the true meat of Telling Lies. It is difficult to go into the narrative with out ruining items. Suffice to say there was a fair quantity of intrigue surrounding the plot and characters. There is infidelity, secrets and lies abound all through most of the story. The difficulty is that it is only engaging as soon as you learn most of what is taking place currently. At the begin, with no path or motivation clear, you essentially bumble your way by way of half conversations. For the very first two hours, I was getting to cease myself from falling asleep. Most of the plot seemed to revolve about some guy who was having into a partnership with some girl. Even when it turns out to be far more than that it feels like some far more path would have been good.

It is effortless to say that these who do not like Telling Lies just are not into the really niche style of gameplay. This follows Her Story, one particular of my preferred indie games of 2015. The intrigue of piecing collectively a story from police interviews worked for the reason that the player knew their motivation. You have a crime to concentrate on, discovering new clips by figuring out keyword phrases to search for. Even though maintaining the players’ motivation a secret till the finish may well make for an intriguing reveal, it also implies that we have no notion what we’re hunting for at the begin. Turning the very first two hours into a extended difficult slog.

Beginning out with the keyword Enjoy the gameplay and narrative branch out as you learn new words to search for.

Telling Lies | Final Thoughts

The final point of contention is the endings. When you finish scanning video footage, your character uploads it and then get one particular of 3 epilogues. These epilogues every single inform the story of one particular of three of the characters right after it is all more than. Do not fool oneself into pondering that there are truly 3 distinct endings. What it has is one particular ending no matter what you do, and 3 distinct epilogues. The distinct epilogues modify absolutely nothing about the ending. They just give you far more information and facts about what occurred to the character you spent the most time with. So if you want the complete story you require to play the game 3 occasions. As attempts at injecting replayability go, this one particular appears misguided.

I do not want persons to go away with the impression that Telling Lies is a negative game. The story is intriguing and the characters all have intriguing backstories to learn. Bored? Play the world’s most frustrating game of solitaire! The difficulties in the game are really individual, and there’s a great possibility that they will not even bother you. Nonetheless, the clunky video controls and the lack of path in the opening hours seriously killed it for me personally. Do not be shocked if you really feel like providing up ahead of the plot seriously gets going. Or if you learn the intriguing stuff properly ahead of the game is even close to finishing.

TechRaptor reviewed Telling Lies on Computer by means of Steam with a code supplied by the publisher.


Telling Lies has an intriguing story but is let down by a lack of path and a clunky UI design and style. Even intriguing characters can save the game, and a watered-down epilogue which is supposed to entice repeated playthroughs just leaves a sour taste in the mouth.


  • Compelling Plot.
  • Fascinating Characters.


  • Clunky Video UI.
  • Broken Up Epilogue.
  • Lack Of Motivation Or Path.

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