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(2021) ᐉ Red Dead On-line Zombie NPCs Look To Hint At Undead Nightmare Two ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Red Dead On-line players are encountering what appear like zombie NPCs in the game, which could hint at an Undead Nightmare sequel set for Red Dead Redemption two (by means of Polygon).

Reddit user groats_active posted a spooky screenshot of a bedraggled lady with glowing eyes lurking in a swamp, and other people have shared their stories of obtaining dead bodies that appear like zombies. These could be glitches that arrived with final week’s update, as some players theorise that it is the outcome of the cholera outbreak causing models to act a small funky.

But cholera does not impact the colour of sufferers’ eyes, inventive license and fictional Wild West planet notwithstanding. And, John Marston sported luminous yellow eyes on the cover of Undead Nightmare, Red Dead Redemption’s horror-themed expansion. There are reports that shooting the creepy corpses counts as a murder, as if the physique is not really dead. Of course, Halloween is coming quickly, and speculation is shuffling towards an Undead Nightmare revival for Red Dead On-line.

Nevertheless, it is just as most likely that these are glitches and are not really warning of a zombie infestation. Reddit user indiethetvshow stated that they have been lured to the zombie by the sound of a barking dog, and then was attacked by a bandit. ‘I think this corpse is component of a trap and glitched to stand up for me,’ they explained. Rockstar Games has not confirmed something to do with the glowy ghouls, but after we hear news of an update, you will be the initially to know.

Red Dead Redemption two is out on PlayStation four and Xbox 1.