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(2021) ᐉ Ready For A Great Adventure? Petoons Party Is Now On Xbox One! ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 15, 2022

petoons party xbox one

It’s rare that you find a party game bothering with a bit of narrative, after all the main aim of any title from the genre is to get bragging rights over your mates, but Petoons Party is trying to cover both angles, seeing us heading off on the greatest of adventures, all while enjoying the fun and games with your friends and family.

Petoons Party isn’t a new game, with it previously having released on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, but it’s now time for Xbox One owners to get full access to the island of Kimera, and the opportunity to partake in a series of mini-games with your closest mates.

Priced up at £16.74, this local multiplayer and cooperative title will see you helping the Petoons out, as they take on the evil Kitra and stop them from taking over the world. With a variety of unique Petoons characters in place, you’ll be found running through a series of party games which will ensure you help save the Petoons and their home world.

There are 3 game modes in all to enjoy, and these cover no less than 28 different mini-games spread across 4 boards and a variety of different cups. With family friendly visuals and controls, Petoons Party on Xbox One promises to be a game for all players, of all ages, and so no matter whether you wish to drag in your kids, or want to pass a controller to your Nan, it should well suffice.

We’ll have a full review for you in the days ahead but for now should you be tempted by what Petoons Party on Xbox One brings, and wish to give it a shot, the Xbox Store will sort you out with a download.

Game Description:

Ready for a great adventure? The Petoons need your help to face the evil Kitra! Kitra wants to conquer the island of Kimera and steal the Petoons magic to control their world. Petoons Party is a party game full of fun mini-games to enjoy with family and friends. Play alone or with friends, up to a maximum of 4 simultaneous players. The game is intuitive and easy to handle. The control system is very user friendly and adapted for all ages. It combines high quality graphics and fun animations, in a shared gaming experience, to unite the whole family to play together. Discover 7 funny characters, the Petoons, a group of friendly explorers: Yun, Lia, Momo, Deli, Fibo, Laka and Oklo. Join the Petoons and save their world of magical islands!