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(2021) ᐉ Pocket Fighter EX V0.three. Demo Released

noviembre 15, 2022

Pocket Fighter EX

Who remembers the Neo Geo Pocket or Pocket Colour? I do, never ever owned a single although. I basically was not into transportable gaming at the time. I know most reading this are at least familiar with Capcom’s and SNK’s fighting game franchises. Like SNK vs Capcom and Capcom vs SNK, Pocket Fighter EX mashes up the two organizations most effective fighting game characters into a single game. There is a specific charm to seeing the pixelated characters going at it with familiar backgrounds although.

Inspired by but not affiliated with

Pocket Fighter EX is not affiliated with SNK or Capcom in any way. This is planned to be a no cost fan designed perform for other fans of the genre. Graphically, the developers are going for a Neo Geo Pocket Colour style. This decision absolutely sounds weird at 1st but functions pretty properly as soon as you give it a likelihood.

1 final caveat. Pocket Fighter EX is not programmed for the Neo Geo Pocket Colour, just inspired by the art style. I just wanted to point that out just before a person gets mad simply because this will not perform on their NGPC or emulator.

Improvement continues

As I create this, Pocket Fighter EX v0.three.three was released. Effectively, 3 hours ago but very same day so it counts. What fans can count on in this newest update is remakes of Gairyu Island stage and some undisclosed graphical enhancements.

What fans can count on

Our buddies more than at Indie Retro News stated that there are Street Fighter II and King of Fighters characters incorporated. I program on checking out the demo later this week and providing my thoughts on our YouTube channel.

So far, anything I know about Pocket Fighter EX just tends to make me want to verify it out sooner. Getting an adult sucks occasionally.

For everybody else, head more than to the Pocket Fighter EX Game Jolt web page and grab that demo. Verify out our coverage if you want to verify out some other cool Neo Geo Pocket Colour games?

Want to verify out what the Neo Geo Pocket Colour was like 1st hand? Grab a NGPC on Amazon or grab SNK’s 1st handheld on eBay. Either will assistance us retain the lights on. Thank you for your help.

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