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(2021) ᐉ Playtest Pyramid Plunge

noviembre 15, 2022

Hi all,
I’d like to do a playtest to get some feedback from the neighborhood on a 2d roguelike platformer which I’ve been operating on the final couple months.
I’ve in no way utilized GameMaker prior to and I was pleasantly shocked how a great deal GameMaker’s s tools are razor sharp focused for 2d games, specially right after I’ve been applying Unity for 10 years professionally.

(2021) ᐉ Playtest Pyramid Plunge

Pyramid Plunge is a roguelike 2d platformer with a ton of humor.

Meet George and Felicie. She likes reading and going to museums and old temples. He likes beer and farting.

1 day they have been on a tour in Egypt going to the Good Pyramid, and though they have been taking one particular final image of a majestic statue, they got separated from the rest of the tour. When Felicie realised they have been alone, she began panicking, as usual. George, calm as ever, told her “As Confucius stated, all that goes up wants to go down… we came all the way up right here and now we just will need to go down this pyramid and discover the exit”. Small did he know that the pyramid is cursed and infested with creatures. Will they ever discover the exit?

Windows Construct:
Mac Construct:
(For Mac you will will need to run given that it is not adequately signed but)

The construct is a vertical slice which has 1 globe with four levels finding tougher each and every time. On the fourth level you have an infestation of some variety of monster/creature. Then you also have a boss to beat. In the future it will have four unique worlds every with its personal boss.

Needs: Practically nothing specific as it plays fine on a 2012 Macbook Air.
But a gamepad is very encouraged. I hook a PS4 controller to my laptop and it performs fine. Well, hello there!

I am searching for feedback on gameplay and controls. Recommendations on how to enhance are usually welcome.
The art is my pixel art in addition to the snake which is presently a placeholder. If the game gets to a point have been it gets funded, it would be redone by a expert pixel artist. In the meantime, it will be my pixel art. Shrug
Music, voice overs and sfx are presently placeholders, but they must give an thought to musicians and sound designers of the sound scape I am searching for in the close to future. So I do not will need to hear about copyright infringement blablabla, simply because these are just placeholders. Gentleman

WTF So please DO NOT do any youtube videos for now simply because of copyright problems with the music and voice overs. This note is specially for you @jbarrios given that you look to do a video of each and every game demo right here Wink