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(2021) ᐉ Himno Evaluation For PlayStation Four ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 15, 2022

Himno review for PlayStation 4

I am going to reduce by means of all the formalities I typically give my testimonials with Himno. Typically I attempt to go into ever Indie title I play with an open thoughts, and that was no diverse with Himno. The game boasts “a non-violent, no death platformer.” That may perhaps be correct that you do not fight off zombies or orcs. On the other hand, the bit about not dying is a load of crap as you will consistently fall into the water as you have no clue exactly where you are going half the time.

There is not substantially to Himno, you make use of wall-jumps, slides &amp dashes to move about the spot you are in? Is it a dungeon? A maze? I honestly couldn’t inform you what you are carrying out or what the point of the game is simply because it is by no means explained.
Himno review for PlayStation 4 1

The levels are atrociously created. As well typically you will locate your self jumping into the ceiling or into the water attempting to locate the sparkling doorways to get to the subsequent location which is specifically like the final. You will probably only be carrying out so to get the Trophy for exploring 30 places.

Himno is really possibly the worst game I have ever played. The trophies are quick sufficient to get, but unless you are THAT difficult-pressed to add an additional platinum to your collection, I would advocate not tarnishing your difficult drive space on this steaming pile of crap

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Developer:Breakfast Studio Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Release date:
Platforms: PlayStation four, Vita, Nintendo Switch, Xbone
Platform Reviewed on: PlayStation four PRO



Himno review for PlayStation 4 3


  • Repetitive level style
  • As well dark to see exactly where you are going
  • No explanation of actually something