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(2021) ᐉ Heroes Unboxed’ This Fall – TouchArcade ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 15, 2022

Gameloft has announced their newest upcoming mobile game, and they’re partnering up with one of the most iconic brands in the world for it. Called LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, the game will see you unlocking and collecting a huge variety of minifigs and playsets from throughout the history of LEGO. You’ll use those minifigs to form a team and take on the teams of other players in battle as well as go on adventures. LEGO Legacy will feature “iconic, fan favorite universes from yesterday and today, recreated with incredible detail to please players of all ages, from the passionate collectors to those who want to bring back childhood memories.” In addition, the press release states that developer Gameloft Toronto has “been working closely with the LEGO Group for several years, including visits to the LEGO Vault in Billund, Denmark where all the sets and minifigures ever created are archived. The team has been studying vintage instruction manuals and focusing all its skills to perfectly recreate every tiny detail that makes the LEGO experience so enjoyable and memorable. LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed will be faithful to the fun and creativity that make the LEGO brand one of the most beloved brands on Earth.” So far this brief teaser is the only look we have at LEGO Legacy.

While not mentioned specifically, there’s no chance that LEGO Legacy isn’t a free to play game, and free to play social RPGs aren’t exactly in short supply on the App Store. But as I’ve said many times before, here’s the thing with mobile social RPGs – They may not differ a ton in terms of mechanics, but they typically provide a ton of fan service for whichever IP they’re based around, and so if you enjoy a certain brand or property these mobile games can offer a lot of enjoyment. In the case of LEGO Legacy, if you’re a huge LEGO fan then collecting digital versions of classic figures and playsets might sound pretty awesome. It’s also not the only LEGO mobile game on the horizon, as NimbleBit’s LEGO Tower is set to arrive on July 1st. As a LEGO fan myself I’m looking forward to more details being revealed about LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed ahead of its release this fall.