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(2021) ᐉ Fortnite Chapter Two Leaked By Way Of App Shop ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 15, 2022

Fortnite Season 10 is ending in a couple of days, and the subsequent season might bring some enormous modifications. A leak from the Italian version of the iOS App Shop reveals that the subsequent season will be called Fortnite Chapter two.

This morning, a video leaked on Reddit that shows footage of an individual searching up Fortnite on the Italian iOS App Shop. The most notable portion of the video is a nonetheless image that seems in a preview video for the game. That image, which has been spread across social media, has text that reads ‘Fortnite Capitolo two‘ (“capitolo” is “chapter” in Italian.) The image also functions 3 characters searching more than an unfamiliar landscape featuring a mix of old and new. A lot of players might notice the rivers have boats in them, which could be the game’s 1st aquatic cars. Other individuals might notice the city location that might be reminiscent of the Tilted Towers.

There is been some suspicion that we’d be seeing a significant map revamp for a although now. Not just 1 that modifications about some areas, but an completely new landscape redrawn from scratch. It’s also probable Chapter two will represent a brand new story arc to the globe of Fortnite. The existing story started much more or significantly less back in Season three when the Visitor’s meteor struck Dusty Depot. The existing season, Season 10, functions a countdown timer more than a rocket situated at Dusty Depot. What will occur when the timer hits zero? Who knows. The season finale occasion, just titled ‘The Finish,’ will occur at two PM Eastern on October 13. Interestingly, in contrast to other season finales, this 1 requires location appropriate prior to the servers go down so Epic can patch in the new season’s material. Typically the finale takes place a couple of days prior to the servers are shut down, providing the players a couple of days to continue playing and processing the events of that season.

If the leak is correct, Fortnite Chapter two will arrive on October 14, when the new season begins.

What do you feel about Fortnite Chapter two? Do you feel it tends to make sense as a naming scheme? Do you play Fortnite? Let us know in the comments under