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(2021) ᐉ Evaluation: Hunting For Heals

noviembre 15, 2022

October 24, 2019(2021) ᐉ Evaluation: Hunting For Heals


Ever wondered what it is like to get into Indie games as an MMO freak? Or just flat-out want to really feel like a total Korean with insane APM? Nicely, appear no additional. Blue Bomber Games just brought out a new early action game that will make you really feel all of that, and substantially much more. In this nicely-created action game, you can click to your heart’s content material by killing endless amounts of bosses and collecting all the loot you could ever hope for.

What do you do? Command your squad of warriors whilst maintaining them from an early grave in the only rogue-lite exactly where the healer calls the shots. Heal, shield, and resurrect your way by means of a planet filled with hard possibilities, strong things, and elaborate boss fights inspired by MMO dungeon raids.

(2021) ᐉ Evaluation: Hunting For Heals

  • Enjoyable and smooth gameplay: The gameplay is just impressive, as an individual who never ever played any sort of related games, I felt immerged, and pleased, with intuitive and straight forward objectives to appear for. You progress by means of maps, gather coins by sending more than your squad to destroy objects, and just preserve going. All whilst you get to know much more about the guild you are major. At particular moments through the game, and mainly through boss fights, you really feel like an absolute madman so to speak. You are spam clicking these heals, shielding your squad, then recalling them to you to prevent harm, all whilst you hear complementing music. Which felt pretty much like an adrenalin rush.
  • Incredible graphics: I was skeptical when I got to critique the title, because according to forums, most indie games perform horribly with Ultrawide monitors, but was happily shocked on the 1st bootup screen: It asks what resolution you want to run on with native ultrawide assistance, large plus. That getting mentioned, the game appears darn fantastic, superior than anticipated. It is not a complete 2d, like the older games, mainly because it adds 3d components to the mix. This all whilst feeling uncomplicated to appear at. The maps are nicely-drawn and make you really feel at residence in moody environments, whilst also providing that added “bossy feeling” to the arenas.
  • Fantastic music: The music is just fantastic, even though, I want there was an solution to turn it down in the manage section of the game, mainly because you pretty much quickly tab out of the game, to attain for the volume mixer to turn the volume down to 10%. But a single jump scare later, man does this music make you really feel like you are an adventurer. It ranges from good and cozy to providing goosebumps. Though also adding that bossy feeling to fights
  • Story: Because this is my 1st introduction with this genre of games, I felt pleasantly shocked to recognize that all through the entire game, there is this a single red line that keeps you playing the game. You get to know much more and much more about particular champions and quest givers, which is a good touch. It just feels fantastic, and has some genuinely fantastic sound effects to it as nicely.

(2021) ᐉ Evaluation: Hunting For Heals

Weird factors or stuff among some thing fantastic and negative!

  • The content material: Initially I was going to location this way larger up in the list, and give it a fantastic score, but it just didn’t really feel proper. Do not get me incorrect, the game itself feels fantastic, and remarkable, and quite nicely believed out. But the point is, it just feels unfinished. The primary character can obtain four members for his guild, with who he can continue to go and defeat an endless stream of mobs and bosses, and go on and capture loot. But it leaves me with a sorrow taste. You can only heal your squad, shield them for harm, and revive. To then recall them back to you for large attacks. I hoped that you could do something much more than that, but no. Following that, you get place into a entire set of maps, which are fantastic, but it gets repetitive right after a whilst, with no progression what so ever. And additional down the line, the similar maps repeat, creating you really feel like you sort of wasted your dollars.
  • Loot method: Straight up: I do not like it. Why you may well ask? Nicely, the player requires to direct their fighting champions to destroy a single object on the map, on itself not negative. But it just requires also substantially time. You have four fighters, and a to clear out 10 loot objects (just a bookshelf or some thing) it requires also substantially time. It would really feel a lot superior if you could apply some sort of AOE impact, or even have the healer (the primary character you manage) clear out some loot whilst you are fighting the boss. Spending an added entire minute per space right after a single fight, just to click some objects for a low quantity of coins, leaves you to lack lustering for much more.

(2021) ᐉ Evaluation: Hunting For Heals

Disappointing mechanics or stuff that is broken

  • Stability: This game is in early access, so we have to respect this, but I identified myself genuinely angered about the way this game is getting handled on my laptop or computer. Many instances I got stuck in a menu that I could just merely not get out of. The only option? Alt + F4. Only to locate out that the game does not autosave at all… And then possessing to replay the level I was in. Also, the game managed to make my second monitor freak out in a way I never ever felt. If you alt-tab out of the game, the game nevertheless has complete manage more than your keyboard, oddly sufficient of course, and just kept on crashing the additional I got into the game. Following a speedy appear on the forums, I identified out that I was not the only a single who had this problem. Obtaining the game just spitting out “unexpected gameplay error” just does not make you smile.
  • Controls: I was shocked by the opening screen that enables you to pick the resolution, graphics, and controls. But once again, this is the ONLY location exactly where you can pick these controls. If you are in the middle of the game and press ESC, you get a menu exactly where you can see the controls, but somehow you can not edit them. The similar goes for volume of the music. A further remark right here is that most games in the existing time period have automated layout scaling, which implies that if a user is not making use of a common QWERTY layout, it would “remap” the crucial bindings to their respected counterpart on a distinct layout. This was sadly not the case. I joined the game, pondering that my WASD would be remapped to ZQSD (azerty), which did not occur at all.

Score: 60%
Credit to these who deserve it. This game is remarkable if you program on passing a handful of hours on it, or even play 24hours, but you can not genuinely play additional. Following the 1st hour you just commence to really feel like there is no goal (in addition to replaying the progress lost right after a crash). But for the existing value point of 12.49€ I anticipated much more. The content material you get at the time of writing this critique would be worth a strong six.99€, but not much more. But if you have the dollars for it, or just genuinely get pleasure from these kinds of games, then I would strongly propose you to give this game a shot. But beware of the crashes.

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