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(2021) ᐉ Drop Your Soul In The Creepy Adventure Game Demons Never Ever Lie, Now With A Linux Demo ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 15, 2022

Releasing sometime about Halloween this year, the fairly creepy adventure game Demons Never ever Lie now has a Linux demo obtainable to attempt out on Steam.

At present in improvement by Maika Hernández, a solo developer from Spain going below the name of IndieBug. This low-poly blocky voxel-styled adventure was funded on Kickstarter back in June with a smaller price range thanks to generous customers. Following playing a bit, I was fairly impressed. Wonderful atmosphere with a story that tends to make you want to know additional and see what genuinely occurs to John.

Function Highlight:

If you want to attempt the demo, it demands a rapid repair. At present Steam is setup to appear for the incorrect filename. Open up exactly where you set up it and rename the folder to “DNLDemo_Information” and the executable to “DNLDemo.x86” and it will then run fine. I’ve produced the developer conscious of this smaller error.

Locate the demo on Steam.

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