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(2021) ᐉ Destiny Two Players Are Bullying This Raid Boss Off The Map ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 15, 2022

In accurate Destiny style, players have currently found a new technique to defeat one particular of Destiny two: Shadowkeep’s newest bosses — one particular exactly where players do not truly fight at all.

The Consecrated Thoughts is one particular of the boss fights in the Garden of Salvation raid. It is a Vex Harpy that players adhere to by means of the initial two fights of the raid, only to lastly confront it in the penultimate fight.

The arena for the Consecrated Thoughts fight is a big diamond, filled with winding hallways and death pits for players to fall into. Commonly, players have to have to chase the boss down these death hallways and resolve a visual puzzle all even though their allies contribute progress toward lowering the boss’ defenses.

But players have found a new way to bypass the Consecrated Thoughts entirely. If Hunters throw a smoke grenade close to one particular of the pit hallways, there’s a likelihood the Consecrated Thoughts will get confused, concentrate on the smoke grenade, and plummet to its death. Verify out Cheese Forever’s video above to see it for your self.

Just simply because the Thoughts goes down the pit does not imply the fight ends. Players nevertheless have to have to go by means of the shield-lowering approach for the boss — leaving the group of players that typically follows the boss about with not substantially to do. When the shield is down and the game discovers the boss is currently dead, players instantaneously get their new raid loot.

This distinctive way of defeating a boss goes all the way back to Atheon, the initial final boss in Destiny raid history. For the duration of the ultimate battle of the Vault of Glass raid in the original Destiny, players employed Solar grenades to push Atheon off the map, killing him instantaneously and spawning a loot chest.

Players are currently dubbing this new Consecrated Thoughts technique as “the Atheon cheese.”