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(2021) ᐉ Castlevania: Symphony Of The Evening Assessment

noviembre 15, 2022

Nicely now, this week’s Retro Showcase game was often going to be a large hit. Castlevania: Symphony of the Evening is a single of the most effectively-regarded games of all time, let alone just on the PlayStation. I played the game when I was 12, at a friend’s property, so I knew what I was going to be experiencing for the most portion.

Nevertheless, my memory is infamously poor. So, I didn’t anticipate to keep in mind exactly where to go or what particularly to do. I was suitable, as we all discovered out on stream due to me failing more than and more than.

That mentioned, we’re not definitely right here to speak about how poor I am at Metroidvania games. So, let’s sit down, take a appear at Symphony of the Evening and ask ourselves “what is a man?”

Initial Impressions

Returning to Dracula’s castle and donning Alucard’s footwear as soon as much more, I jumped straight into the game, totally forgetting at 1st that there is a quick “prequel” section of the game. Especially, since Symphony of the Evening is a direct sequel to the earlier game in the series, you get started off by replaying the final battle of the final entry.

For the duration of this fight, you get to play about with the controls and figure out the major button layout while fighting against Dracula. Considering that you cannot essentially die and drop the fight, you are totally free to use that time to get utilised to the game controls.

Considering that this section manages to each set up the plot while also acting as a tutorial, you get to understand how to play the game devoid of possessing to study or be concerned about an actual, conventional tutorial. Or rather, that is what is supposed to take place – I nonetheless had problems playing the game, but that was definitely just me, not the game.

I was essentially blown away by the level style and aesthetic of the game, as it somehow managed to be improved than my rose-tinted nostalgia glasses remembered. Involving the gothic aesthetic and the haunting soundtrack (in particular throughout the title screen), I felt drawn into the game instantaneously.

Then, when I ultimately got to play as Alucard, the initial feeling of just tearing via enemies was extraordinary. Nevertheless, pretty rapidly, you get all of your gear and skills taken away, leaving you to navigate the game in a “weakened” state compared to the 1st couple of hallways.

That leads us nicely into the gameplay of Symphony of the Evening.


As Symphony of the Evening is a Metroidvania game (and is broadly regarded as the purpose for the “vania” portion of that word), it is fairly apparent what the standard gameplay is. You move via a place, in this case, Dracula’s castle, discovering new things and skills while also levelling up and increasing stronger.

This mix of exploration and RPG mechanics definitely add a level of detail and customisation to Alucard that the Belmonts of earlier games merely didn’t get. For instance

  • You can get distinct animal types that you could turn it.
  • You can equip a selection of distinct weapons, rather than just utilizing a whip all through the whole game.
  • Alucard levels up, increasing in strength all through the game.
  • There is a shop in the game, unlikely the majority of other Castlevania games.

Generally, Symphony of the Evening definitely changed up the gameplay from the rest of the series. This is why it is the most generally talked about Castlevania when it comes to the origins of the terms “Metroidvania”.

Nevertheless, it also attributes the typical gameplay components of other Castlevania games exactly where you have to discover a huge location, which includes a bunch of backtracking. Then you defeat a boss and get access to much more skills which enable you to access much more regions of the game’s place.

This cycle of exploration, boss fight, new potential and much more exploration sounds rather dull when written down in a weblog post. Nevertheless, I can assure you that it definitely is not.

Even if you are terrible at these sorts of games, like me, there is a lot of enjoyable to be had. Attempting to figure out the puzzles, discover all of the hidden rooms and survive against the different common enemies along the way is exhilarating.


So, I’ve type of just spoiled this section in that final paragraph, haven’t I? Oh effectively.

It demands to be mentioned that Castlevania: Symphony of the Evening is not an “easy” game. You cannot just steamroll via the game. It entails a lot of exploration and paying consideration to enemy habits and techniques in order for you to progress.

That mentioned, it is nonetheless a completely enjoyable expertise, in particular when you handle to beat a boss. The ambience of Dracula’s castle will envelop you as you grow to be lost in the visual presentation and musical score. Then, as you get started to concentrate on the enemies and search for the different hidden areas, you will pretty much definitely grow to be engrossed in the game.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Evening is a single of the games that is so entertaining that you will sit down for a quick 30-minute session and then realise that six hours have gone passed.

There are a couple of troubles with the voice acting, which have noticed grow to be meme-worthy, but they only add to the charm of the game. So I definitely do not have any complaints in terms of entertainment.

And That is All People

Getting realistic, I feel we all knew how this Castlevania: Symphony of the Evening evaluation was going to finish up. Right after all, when a game is nonetheless talked about (in particular in meme-culture) in a good manner 22 years right after it was released, there’s a purpose for it. Symphony of the Night’s use of 2D graphics with just a touch of early 3D signifies that it ages exceptionally effectively visually.

On leading of that, the gameplay format is implemented brilliantly, which means that the game is exceptionally enjoyable to play, even currently. Then, there’s also the entire factor about it becoming the major inspiration behind Bloodstained, as effectively.

Generally, Castlevania: Symphony of the Evening is an awesome game! If you haven’t played it however, for what ever purpose, you are carrying out yourselves a disservice.

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(2021) ᐉ Castlevania: Symphony Of The Evening Assessment



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