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(2021) ᐉ “Brazen” WoW Copycat Pulled Offline Following Blizzard Lawsuit ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

September two, 2019 Sina Games has pulled Glorious Saga offline in the wake of Blizzard’s allegations.

Final month, Blizzard filed a lawsuit against Chinese developer Sina Games more than what the Globe of Warcraft developer described as a “willful, deliberate, and brazen” copycat of its popular fantasy franchise. More than the weekend, the game, titled Glorious Saga, has been taken offline by its developers.

Sina Games posted on Glorious Saga’s Facebook web page more than the weekend (by means of Polygon). The update informs players that “due to some irresistible factors, we decided to announce that the game will quit operating […] on 29th of Aug [sic], and all the servers will be closed. Players cannot login any longer.

“We are incredibly sorry and we will do our finest to guide and give finest service for all the players in the course of the server closure approach.” Servers were scheduled to go offline much less than 4 hours soon after that update was posted to the web page. New comments are met with an automated response supplying to introduce players to other Sina Games titles.

In the lawsuit, which was filed on August 16 (by means of Polygon), Blizzard stated that it “seeks to place a quit to, and receive redress for, the huge infringement of Blizzard’s one of a kind and beneficial intellectual home in Defendants’ mobile and internet-primarily based game titled ‘Glorious Saga’.”

The developer went on to say that the game “did not just copy a handful of discrete components from Blizzard’s Warcraft games,” but described the copyright infringement as “willful, deliberate, and brazen.” According to Blizzard, Glorious Saga copied almost everything from characters, to weapons, to monsters, and even sound effects. Specifically notable is the reality that Glorious Saga seems to have lifted crucial character names from WoW, with Jaina Proudmoore, Gul’dan, and Malfurion all appearing.

Blizzard also stated that it is searching for a court order to quit the infringement, and is also searching for substantial damages – the developer is asking for “$150,000 per infringed function.” To back that up, the developer claimed that Sina Games’ actions have triggered “serious and irreparable harm,” and that the Chinese developer has “profited handsomely from their infringement, attracting thousands of customers […] via the use of Blizzard’s intellectual home.”


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