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(2021) ᐉ A Legionary’s Life Released! News ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 15, 2022

Right after two years of improvement and 5 months in Early Access, a Legionary’s Life has been released right now.

Right after two years of improvement and 5 months in Early Access, A Legionary’s Life has been released right now.

A Legionary’s Life is a largely text-primarily based RPG exactly where you impersonate a Roman soldier through the years of the Second Punic War and the Second Macedonian War.

Ahead of each and every battle, there is a Lull phase, generally spanning more than numerous months, exactly where you can train, acquire new gear or engage in other activities. Sometimes, random events and encounters will come about.




random event

The campaigns and the key battles are heavily primarily based on historical accounts.

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Your stats are checked really regularly by means of the game. The greater the relevant stat(s), the superior your possibilities, but each and every verify has its personal difficulty coefficient. For instance, a verify to keep away from becoming left behind by your companions whilst crossing a swamp would be really simple, as you would have to do worse than all of them.

On the other hand, an Awareness verify to hear a distant noise that all of your companions fail to perceive is really difficult, and can be failed frequently even if your stat is superior.

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Combat keeps track of lots of variables, from Expertise and Attributes to Stance, Attitude, Fatigue, Morale, Weapon Attain, Weapon Handiness, environmental circumstances, and so forth.

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Permadeath is an significant aspect of this game. Even even though you get points to commit on future characters when your present legionary dies, it is significantly preferable to survive for as lengthy as doable. The longer he survives, the extra your character will transform from a green recruit to an achieved veteran.

Your possibilities will ascertain the difficulty level. A cautious style of play will drastically strengthen your possibilities to survive. In common, the hardest fights are optional, even though they are can be extra rewarding.

The changelog for version 1. is right here.