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(2021) ᐉ 7th Stand User – Post Two – Indie Hell Zone ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 15, 2022

(Epilepsy warning for videos:)

In contrast to the terror of YIIK, I’m only going to do the occasional post each couple of components when videos will come out weekly. Becuase hey, this game is not an awful mess.

In these two videos, I fight Tower of Gray up to Strength (aka the boat stand of the actual orangutan), recruiting Polnareff on the way. Through the course of the adventure, we get into a complete lot of fights with remote controlled Stands (which is quite a great deal the only justification to have enemy encounters) and meet Utah, an original character that pops about the location, and his Stand Saints. They’re named soon after the Utah Saints, an English electronic band, and to preserve on brand with Gaming, here’s their take on the Mortal Kombat primary theme:

7th Stand User is each weirdly faithful and not faithful to the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure canon. A lot of characters and points from ahead of and soon after Stardust Crusaders show up in contexts that make sense and some of them are not as well “in your face” – like, I didn’t notice the Golden Wind gang hanging out in the restaurant exactly where you meet Polnareff till a second viewing. On the other hand, it does not make sense for a lot of these characters to be displaying up Rohan getting a recurring character that advises you on Stands, for instance, tends to make no sense taking into consideration that he had no notion what Stands had been by the time Koichi meets him.

But then once again, taking into consideration that Stroheim the Actual Nazi shows up as a bonus boss and even he’s confused by the situations, there’s likely some weird time bullshit going on. Perhaps the stuff that occurs at the finish of Stone Ocean is the purpose for all this. Anyway, what ever, I’m getting a pedantic nerd.

Also, this is not straight associated to the game, but fuck Stroheim, dude. I know that Araki was attempting to go for a “mankind comes with each other to fight a larger existential threat” plot and Battle Tendency was created in the 1980s, but do not make an actual fucking Nazi a very good guy – in particular when his initially look is condemning a bunch of prisoners to death. Fuck, dude. Battle Tendency would likely be my preferred aspect if it weren’t for his existence. Anyway, you can apparently recruit Stroheim if you method him with Joseph and this likely leads into a sidequest, but I wanted to kill Stroheim on principle.

(2021) ᐉ 7th Stand User – Post Two – Indie Hell Zone ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

As for the game so far, it is quite alright! In among the story segments (which are commonly points of no return) you can discover about the region to grind against enemies and do sidequests. From what I’ve noticed in the third video, you can get little events based on your Stand and whoever you have in the celebration Wildhearts came in the clutch to avoid me from chasing a speedy NPC down a third time, I got Kakyoin to aid discover a wallet and enjoyed sushi with Avdol. There’s likely a lot of these points in the game, but I’m attempting not to spoil myself right here the only point I spoiled myself on was Avdol and that was only since I looked up the wiki to see if there’s something else to do with Stroheim. Rest in shit, idiot.

(2021) ᐉ 7th Stand User – Post Two – Indie Hell Zone ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

And you know what, when I do level grind in this game, it is not a significant deal at all since something that is not a boss battle goes by super speedy. Fuck you, YIIK.

The most significant flaw of the game so far, in all honesty, is the water, which flashes in a rather annoying way. The game has succeeded in generating a game with monochrome visuals hurt my eyes. The way the water flickers is just godawful on my eyes, and I bet its effects are worse for folks that have worse eyes than me.

Also one more, smaller sized situation I have is with the vendors. So, I recognize that they present a a lot more pricey choice of healing up in contrast to employing a hotel that utilizes up a day and that it is realistic for them to be promoting several products. But also, like, I’d appreciate it if you place how a great deal every single meals item healed in the option screen when you are getting stuff. And honestly, just present me the ideal meals, I’m not in it for the Hot Cola. At times realism is not welcome.

But anyway, I’m liking 7th Stand User so far! It is a quite very good RPG Maker game with a lot of appreciate for the supply material! I want that a lot more game adaptations of anime had been good RPGs. Oh, they’re generating 1? Oh, it is for Fairy Tail? Oh.

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