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(2021) ᐉ 2019′s Famicase Designs Are Here! ⊟ It’s The Best…

noviembre 15, 2022

May 10, 2019


2019′s Famicase designs are here! ⊟

It’s the best time of the year when Tokyo-based game shop Meteor opens up My Famicase Exhibition, its annual gallery of Famicom cartridges adorned with labels for made-up games from talented artists around the world. My timeline is filled with amazing cartridge art – I picked out and embedded ten cool pieces I spotted on Twitter!:

Let’s Culture! by Mich Cervantes and Agustin Crisostomo

Magical Girl Maker by Marion Esquian

SKINSCARED: Smooth Feel by Aurora

DOWNSTAIR by Elliott Gray

Deep Space Diver by Viet-Anh Cao

PETRICHOR by Chris Furniss

Love Me Softly by @jinkou_ovo

Bravo Omega by Arkotype

Dawn Dream City by Elora Pautrat

Demon Burst by Philip Summers

Meteor will have the physical cartridges displayed in its gallery until May 26, and will likely post photos of them all before the exhibit ends.



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