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(2021) ᐉ 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim Gets 4th Trailer, Gameplay, Screenshots, Story And Character Particulars ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 15, 2022

September five, 2019 10:58 PM EST

Sega, Atlus, and Vanillaware released the fourth complete-length trailer for 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim. The ADV game, what they contact visual-novel like games in Japan, has been announced for years now and is lastly launching this November, at least in Japan.

Vanillaware also released new specifics on some of the game’s side characters and game systems. Initially off, 13 Sentinels’ battles essentially have 3 distinct difficulty settings, “Casual” “Normal” and “Strong”.

As you currently know, 13 Sentinels has three modes. The Battle Mode, the Adventure Mode, and the Archive Mode. Battles are accessible through, guess what? The Battle Mode. All 3 modes are linked. The Adventure Mode, with each and every protagonist obtaining their personal certain storyline bifurcations based on your actions, fundamentally show you what sort of events led to the battles in Battle Mode, which is also named the “Collapse Chapter”. Every single protagonist has a complete route chart of their story to assistance you, and to show you when the bifurcations come about. And the Archive Mode lets you find out much more on the lore, keywords and phrases, and things. You can also unlock much more information by spending points earned in battle. All the occasion scenes can be rewatched in Archive Mode as effectively. If you want to find out much more, a reside stream lately detailed 13 Sentinels‘ battle method and some story components with tons of gameplay. We covered all that in a preceding report.

Coming subsequent, Vanillware officially introduced 4 non-playable characters we saw in previously revealed gameplay:

Tsukasa Okino, voiced by Mutsumi Tamura. Tsukasa is a genius higher college boy and the 1 who made the numerous technologies made use of by the Sentinels. He’s effectively versed in time-travel tech as well, seeing Sentinels are equipped with it. Since he’s smarter than any one, he tends to not listen to other individuals. As we’ve noticed in particular gameplay videos, or in the prologue demo, Tsukasa time travels and crossdresses to hide his identity, calling himself Kiriko Douji.

Chihiro. Her seiyuu wasn’t revealed. Chihiro is a small girl who’s constantly with Renya Gouto (1 of the 13 protagonists, the cool guy with the glasses). She constantly carries a rabbit plushie in her bag. The grade college uniform she’s wearing was provided to her by Renya, and she’s noticed jokingly asking if that is his fetish. She can make jokes like that due to the fact this Chihiro is not a “real” kid but is essentially Chihiro Morimura, the 31 years old female teacher element of the Sentinels’ improvement group in the future. This Chihiro has her future self’s memories and character implemented in her. As you should really by now if you have study our preceding coverage, 13 Sentinels not only has time travel but also memory manipulation plots. In the 1944 era, the original Chihiro is also the small sister of 1 of the 13 protagonists, Keitarou Miura (army legs bandage guy). Yeah, that is complex.

Kyuuta Shiba, voiced by Yōji Ueda. Kyuuta is the childhood buddy of Juurou Kurabe(the most easy seeking protagonist), the guy we mandatorily manage at the quite starting of the game. Kyuuta is an innocent guy with a mood maker character. He’s into SF manga and motion pictures, and Tokusatsu. Kyuuta also holds a mysterious energy.

Miwako Sawatari, voiced by Eriko Matsui. Miwako lives in 1985 and is pals with Iori Fuyusaka and Tomi Kisaragi. Iori is the flower in hair girl protagonist and the second mandatory protagonist we play as at the starting, ahead of finding to choose the other individuals. Tomi is the twintails glasses girl protagonist. Miwako, Iori, and Tomi generally consume with each other right after college. Miwako’s worried about her figure. We currently saw in the game’s demo she ends up accidentally time traveling to the devastated future of 2025 along with Tomi and Nenji Ogata (delinquent protagonist dude).

Subsequent, Vanillaware revealed much more on the 13 distinct Sentinel mecha piloted by each and every of the protagonists. There are 4 distinct forms of Sentinels. Melee forms, extended-variety forms, universal forms, and aerial assistance forms. All have distinct attacks and skills.

Specs for the Second Generation Sentinel had been detailed. It is an Universal form equipped with close and mid-variety weapons, auxiliary weapons, heavy armor, and it weighs 2200 tons. There are 3 operational Second Generation Sentinel units, unit quantity 13 piloted by Juurou Kurabe, unit quantity 14 piloted by Ryouko Shinonome (the Rei clone protagonist), and unit quantity 15 piloted by Iori Fuyusaka.

Lastly, a new gameplay video was published, displaying the quite starting of the game, played by well-liked SF writer Kouji Watanabe.

In the video, Kouji Watanabe spoke a lot about his point of view on 13 Sentinels as an SF writer. He pointed out how the use of time travel and memory manipulation is clever: For instance, a character who gets their memories of the final ten years wiped would be like if they time traveled ten years ahead. Watanabe also pointed out Megumi Yakushiji is his preferred protagonist (straight black hair glasses girl). Mainly due to the fact it is exciting how she loves Juurou and ends up performing for her adore to succeed. Watanabe also believes Miwako will be 1 of the most well-liked side characters. He jokingly mentioned how girls these days be concerned as well considerably about their figures and how he’d rather marry a chubby lady. He added, “I’m a huge advocate of this way of thinking”.

Some of 13 Sentinels‘ shop certain preorder goods’ artworks got revealed as well.
Dengekiya has a B2 tapestry with an artwork of Chihiro Morimura and Ryouko Shinonome, a t-shirt, and a metal charm.
Animate has a B2 tapestry with Takatoshi Hijiyama (Yakisoba guy and anti-meals wasting protagonist) and Tsukasa crossdressing.
Sofmap has a B2 tapestry with Yuki Takamiya (Sukeban protagonist) and Nenji Ogata.
Trader got a B2 tapestry with Yuki Takamiya and Natsuno Minami (bloomer girl protagonist)

Oh and Vanillaware also officially and solemnly confirmed there are a lot of distinct forms of meals appearing in 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim. Meals is essential. Every single form of meals is documented in Archive Mode as well.

The new trailer, much more screenshots displaying the battle mode, and the gameplay video with Kouji Watanabe are integrated under.

PS4 exclusive 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim launches on November 28 in Japan. The game will come west 1 day, a possibly quite far away day.

13 Sentinels Aegis Rim will be amongst the billion of games finding new information at Tokyo Game Show 2019 I’ll have to cover, from September 12 to 15. The game will also be playable there.

September five, 2019 10:58 PM EST