Xiaomi confirms they will not include a charger in the upcoming Mi 11 box

小米11 全新包装,好轻好薄,正式亮相。在它背后,我们做了个重要决定:小米11 取消随机附送充电器,响应科技环保号召。



Xiaomi 11 comes with a new package, it’s light and thin. Behind that amazing package size comes with an important decision: Xiaomi 11 will not include a charger in the box, as a respond to the call for a more environmental friendly phone.

Today, a lot of people have their old charger around, this is your concern, and a burden to the environment. We deeply understood that this decision might be unreasonable to some. Is there a better solution? Next Monday, there will be a conference to talk about this.

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