Pour One out for The Mandalorian, Just as Long as You Use These $10 Grogu Glasses

Holiday 2020Holiday 2020Whether you’re celebrating with your loved ones in person or from a distance, The Inventory staff is dedicated to spreading holiday cheer with the top gifts to ring in the season—and maybe a few good deals to snatch up for yourself. It’s okay, your secret’s safe with us.

The Child Pint Glasses Set | $10 | Bed Bath & Beyond

The Child has stolen the hearts of not only Din Djarin but nerds all over the world. Now that we know his name is Grogu we can quite literally raise a glass to him. And what’s better than to do that out of a glass he also graces. This set of four pint glasses are 50% off and too adorable to pass up.


Fill these with Ne’tra gal, Tihaar, or even the colorful Spotchka for a relaxing eve as you rewatch season two. But really put whatever suits your fancy in them because you will be staring at the cutest baby in the galaxy and his sweet smiling face. These are glass (obviously) so handle with some care but they are also completely dishwasher safe so the baby won’t wash off. Each is a standard sixteen ounces and ready to make your day a little brighter every time you use them.

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