Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is getting a Rebellions feature that lets unhappy folk rise up

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord developer TaleWorlds has revealed a batch of gameplay updates headed to the action-RPG game at some point soon, and they include a key new feature that’ll add a new layer of challenge: Rebellions. That means unhappy folk will soon be able to rise up and express their discontent by trying to take control of settlements. Gulp.

“The loyalty and security of a settlement is affected by a number of things, such as if there is a culture mismatch between the settlement owner and its inhabitants, whether the town was recently captured, the strength of the garrison, kingdom policies, governor skills, and so on…,” the developer outlines in the strategy game’s sixth development update post. When a settlement’s loyalty dips, the dev explains, you’ll find more and more of its hitherto happy folk will start to “take up arms in the form of militia”.

If that militia hits a tipping point – that is, if it feels it’s in a stronger position that the settlement’s garrison and loyalty reaches a low enough level – a Rebellion will kick off.

A clan will take over and start to establish itself as the clan. If successful for long enough, the new ruling clan will become firmly rooted enough that other clans will recognise it, and diplomacy between them becomes possible. Gulp. You can get an idea of this incoming feature in the Development Update #6 clip below:

[embedded content]

This will be exciting news for fans keen to see this kind gameplay mechanic folded in the game. Since Bannerlord’s launch earlier this year, popular community creations such as this Revolutions mod have been created to add something along these lines to the title, and now players can look forward to TaleWorlds’ upcoming feature.

Elsewhere in the update post, the devs announce that Bannerlord is getting the ability to grant and relinquish fiefs, keep battles, a passive relation effect, the option to disable its birth and death systems, and various improvements to the campaign simulation (for example, AI characters can get married and “more efforts have been made to address snowballing”) soon. You can check out the details in full in the blog post here.

There’s no exact release date given in the clip or post for when the update will drop, but we can expect to land at some point “in the near future”. While you wait, be sure to take a look at our Bannerlord cheats, Bannerlord workshops, and Bannerlord money guides for some tips.

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