This What We Do In The Shadows-style Skyrim mod makes your vampire hate food

If you’ve ever seen What We Do In The Shadows – movie or series; they’re both excellent – you’ll know that vampires don’t really mix with real human food – or, at least, they really, probably shouldn’t. Take poor Nick trying to eat his beloved chips once he’s turned, or the ancient Baron sampling a slice of pizza for the first time (and the ensuing projectile vomiting). Now, you can ensure your Skyrim vampires remain dedicated to a blood-only diet, too, thanks to a new mod.

Plozaq’s aptly named ‘Nothing but Blood’ Skyrim mod does this by giving your toothy Dragonborn a bit of an unpleasant reaction to consuming anything other than the blood of Tamriel folk. As you can see in the clip the creator’s provided (below), this won’t be the exact same extreme spewing à la What We Do In The Shadows, but your Skyrim vampire will “stagger in pain and take damage” if they nibble on anything other than blood.

Additionally, health and healing potions will no longer have any effect on your bloodsucking Dovahkiin with the mod installed, so they really shouldn’t be tempted to stray from their, er, ‘normal’ diet.

Here’s a sneak peek of the mod in action below:

YouTube Thumbnail

I can imagine it’d be tough for Skyrim’s vampires to have to skip the tasty Eidar cheese wheels, sweet rolls, and horker loaf they’re accustomed to (well, maybe not that last one), but, hey! At least they’ll be dedicated to their craft like never before.

If you’re keen to give your Skyrim vampires a kind of What We Do In The Shadows treatment, you can grab the mod from Nexus Mods here. A Fallout 4 modder also recently created an “ultimate”, World of Darkness-inspired vampire experience mod which you can read about at that link if you’re keen to bring the bloodsucking undead to Bethesda’s other behemoth RPG game in style.

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